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Calm down, HP Sauce will return to shelves soon - here are all the details

Industry responds to the desperate pleas of HP-loving South Africans

by: Katy Rose | 31 Aug 2018
HP sauce bangers mash

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Cape Town - Pioneer Foods, the distributor and importer of the much loved British sauce has confirmed in an exclusive statement to Food24 that the supplies of HP Sauce will be restored before the end of October 2018. 

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Brand Manager, Ursula Du Plessis spoke with us this morning, “We can now confirm that HP Sauce will be back on shelves from mid October 2018.” Breakfast and banger lovers up and down the country can breathe a sigh of relief - now you only have to make your remaining HP last for 6 more weeks. 

HP response

We asked Pioneer Foods for the reasons leading to the shortage, but they were unable to pinpoint an exact cause for the break in supply. But with supplies resuming shortly, the end is in sight for those South Africans looking forward to that bacon and HP Sauce sarmie. 

HP response

Reactions on social media demonstrated that although not everyone is a fan of the vinegary spiced sauce, the lovers of HP Sauce are very dedicated indeed. Fans were desperate to find a bottle, reaching out on Twitter and Facebook for tips from fellow shoppers. Millennial and younger readers were left scratching their heads, with some even asking “What the heck is HP Sauce?” 

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