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Warm up with these comforting chilli con carne recipes this Autumn

Chilli con carne is a great dish that works well for sharing or whipping up a warm comforting meal with ease.

by: Robyn Brittow | 25 Apr 2019
Warm up with these delicious chilli con carne reci

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Chilli con carne in Mexican is translated as 'peppers with meat' and although most people think its origins stem from Mexico too, it's actually  more synonymous with Texas in the United States, according to Artic Gardens

Similar to what we South Africans know as chakalaka, (without the addition of meat of course), the base for chilli con carne consists of peppers, chilli, tomato sauce and beans. It pairs well with tacos, nachos or it can even be used as a base to create a hearty pasta dish. 

A great meal for game nights and feeding a crowd, these chilli carne recipes are bound to satisfy and fill all bellies. 

Chilli con carne with nachos 

Forget boring chip 'n dip -  elevate your game night snacks with this fiery chilli con carne with nachos.

Chilli con carne with Nachos

Green chilli con carne tacos 

Taco Tuesdays are sorted with this mouthwatering recipe for spicy green chilli con carne in crunchy tortillas. Yum!

Green chilli con carne with tacos

Chilli con carne with cheesy scone topping

Chill con carne gets fancy, served in individual jars and topped with a cheesy scone, this hearty meal is one you won't be able to resist.

chilli con carne with cheesy scone topping

Chilli con carne pasta bake

Bulk up your chill con carne by adding it to your favourite pasta and bake for a wonderful, filling family dinner.

Chilli con carne pasta bake

Beef short rib chilli con carne

This beef short rib chilli con carne is the ultimate Friday night meal. Made with love and topped with all your favourite sides; from gaucamole to sour cream and salsa, your fiesta menu could not get any better than this.

Beef short rib chilli con carne

5 Bean vegan chilli with cornbread

This 5 bean vegan chilli is so good you won't even miss the meat. Great for an Autumn meat-free Monday dinner, served with an easyt-to-bake cornbread.

5 Bean vegan chilli


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