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How to revamp beans this Winter – from pantry staple to star of the show

Try these four recipes this winter and make beans the highlight of your meal.

by: Robyn Brittow | 21 Jun 2018

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When you think of beans, usually baked beans on toast or beans piled on a baked potato come to mind, a rather dull and unimaginative way to use the versatile source of protein. Below are four recipes that are bound to bring this staple back into our everyday meals.

Spicy baked green beans with grilled halloumi and basil

Delicious as is or served as a side salad, this spicy baked green beans with grilled halloumi and basil will give your green beans a gourmet upgrade.

green beans and grilled halloumi

Spicy potato and chipolata stew

This isn’t your average sausage and bean stew, this hearty chipolata stew is flavoursome and exciting.

spicy sausage stew

Chicken kebabs with samp and beans

Whether you braai the kebabs or roast it in the oven, one thing is for sure, these chicken kebabs are nothing without its wholesome side of samp and beans.

grilled chicken and samp and beans

Pork neck prego

The vibrant green beans not only adds colour but completes this tender pork neck prego with its subtle earthiness and fresh taste.

pork neck prego


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