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6 Genius dinner recipes to add flavour to your week

Low carb tacos, easy chicken biryani and one heck of a ramen...and more!

05 Jul 2017

Weeknight dinners can be a pain. Aside from the actual cooking and prepping bit, finding ingredients can also be a problem, especially when you're doing your shop during the after-work rush hour.

Recipes for weeknight dinners need to be easy, affordable and quick, but at the same time you want something that tastes like a whole lot of effort went into it.

These six dishes are fairly quick to prepare with the exception for the ramen which must be prepped the day before, but it's definitely worth the wait. They also don't have hard-to-find ingredients and make for good leftovers.

1. Chicken Parmigiana without the Parmesan


2. Bone broth ramen


3. Chakalaka lamb enchiladas - WATCH VIDEO HERE

4. Kale, turmeric and coconut soup


5. Cheat's chicken biryani


6. Low carb fish tacos

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