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Fabulous fritters: The best way to enjoy leftovers

Fretting over leftovers? Try these 6 amazing fritter recipes to revive those cooked ingredients.

by: Robyn Brittow | 19 Jul 2018

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Don’t waste your leftovers, from roasted vegetables to pork fillet whatever cooked food you have in abundance, there’s a fritter recipe for it. These fritters make for great breakfasts, lunch or dinners and are a great way to recycle, reuse and reinvent those leftover ingredients!

Pumpkin fritter with bacon blue cheese and sage butter 

Not your average pumpkin fritter, this recipe gives fritters a new gourmet status and we love it!

bacon fritters

Sundried tomato fritters with basil aioli

Your mornings just got 100 times better! Complete this meal with a poached egg.

sundried tomato fritters

Baked zucchini with whipped goats cheese and pickled blueberries

Your new brunch favourite has arrived, perfect for your lunchbox snack too!


Crumbed biltong and ricotta fritters

Forget about serving biltong in a bowl, whip up these delicious biltong and ricotta fritters for the ultimate snack!

biltong fritters

Deep fried pork fritters

Leftover pork fillet? Reuse the meat in this delectable recipe for a wonderful twist.

pork fritters

Corn and pumpkin fritters with salsa

Indulge in these Mexican style fritters, for a tasty lunch.

corn and pumpkin fritters


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