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Chocolate chips – 7 reasons why we can’t get enough of them

Whether it's in the form of chips or chunks, we can't get enough of the sweet cocoa morsels and these recipes will have you feeling the same way!

by: Robyn Brittow | 05 Jul 2018
chocolate chips

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Just when you thought chocolate chips couldn’t get any better, the following will have you drooling at your screen with 7 of the best chocolate chip recipes ever!

Tahini choc chip banana bread

Banana bread has never looked this good, get baking with this tahini choc chip banana bread recipe so that you can eat this masterpiece.

banana bread

Warm choc chip cookie with peanut butter ice cream

The warm melted chocolate chips topped with the oozing melted peanut butter ice cream is going to be your new way of eating cookies, you’ll never look back.

warm chocolate chip cookie

Olive oil espresso choc chip cookies

Coffee and chocolate, a combination that was just meant to be! Try these wonderful olive oil espresso choc chip cookies, we promise tea time will never be the same.

olive oil choc chip cookies

Choc chip pancakes with honey sauce

Have these for a decadent breakfast or a sweet after dinner treat and be transported to pancake heaven!

choc chip pancakes

Chocolate chip pecan nut pie

The best pecan nut pie you will ever bake! From the crunchy pecans to the hint of sweetness from the chocolate chips, this recipe will have you coming back for seconds.

pecan nut pie

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies

This delicious gluten free version of the favourite cookie is so tasty you can’t tell the difference!

Gluten free chocolate chip cookie

No bake nutty choc chip cereal bars

These no bake nutty choc chip cereal bars couldn’t be easier. With the school holidays taking place you can get your kids involved to make a great chocolaty treat.

no bake choc chip treats

With these amazing recipes it's safe to say we're obsessed with chocolate chips, and once you've tried them, you will be too!

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