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6 recipes to beat the world's worst hangover

Lets uplift those drunken spirits!

by: Jade Lawrence | 09 Mar 2016
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Good, healthy food is the cure to most problems!

If you're reading this you may be suffering from a throbbing headache, body aches, nausea and bloodshot eyes to name a few of the symptoms, or - you're just reading this for future reference. Whatever the case may be, just keep in mind that you will probably have to get up from your bed and take a stroll to the kitchen your somewhat 'delightful' state. It's all worth it, trust me!

1. Blueberries -
after a long, draining night out, your system will definitely need a boost. Blueberries are filled with antioxidants, Vitamins K and C - helping to get rid of that groggy feeling. Try this delicious muffin recipe or just grab one from your local bakery, even a handful of blueberries will do you good!

recipe, blueberries, muffins, bake

2. Eggs - Full of good nutrients your body will be craving after that long night, eggs contain the amino acid, taurine, which will aid in reversing the damaging effects the alcohol had on your liver while also destroying toxins! This spicy recipe will help you sweat out those unwanted toxins and fill you right up!

recipe, eggs, bake, spicy, breakfast

3. Avocado - who doesn't love some good old avo?! Drinking depletes the amounts of potassium in your body, and this delicious food contains a lot of it and will leave you feeling better than before. So dig into an avocado tostada!

recipe, avocado

4. Beetroot - enjoy this colourful beetroot and fennel dip with some crunchy nachos chips. Beetroot contains nitric oxide which help to up your low stamina.

recipe, beetroot, dip

5. Fruit - the sugar (fructose) in fruit will lift your energy levels and have you feeling more human than you did before. The fibre from the fruit will aid in absorbing and breaking down any alcohol still left in your system. These super-fruit toasties contain everything you need!

recipe, berries, fruit, toast

6. Sweet potatoes - a complex carbohydrate-containing vegetable, releasing energy slowly into the body while balancing out your blood sugar. Have some sweet potato fries to curb your low energy levels.

recipe, fries, sweet potatoes, chips

- Jade Lawrence


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