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4 Heavenly homemade hot chocolate recipes to keep you snug this season

Hot chocolate is the comforting, creamy, cocoa beverage that solves all problems from being cold to having a bad day.

by: Robyn Brittow | 07 May 2018
hot chocolate

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If The Big Bang Theory's  Sheldon Cooper deems it standard to have a cup of hot chocolate when outraged or angered, we can say that this is the ultimate go-to comfort sip.

The Mexicans invented the delicious drink we know today as hot chocolate. They would pour a mixture of ground cocoa beans mixed with chillies and water, back and forth until the drink formed a thick foam and they would serve it cold.

It was not consumed as a hot beverage until the 1500s, when explorer Hernan Cortes brought it to Europe.

Instead of reaching for that sugar-loaded instant hot chocolate, try these gourmet takes on the beverage, that will have you serving hot chocolate as a warm drink, cocktail and even dessert!

Mexican hot chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate

If Spanish explorer, Hernan Cortes went looking for silver and gold but instead returned with cocoa, then who is to judge us for the occasional indulgence. Try this warm version of the classic Mexican drink for that extra bit of heat needed in this cold weather.

Peppermint Crisp hot chocolate

peppermint crisp hot chocolate

Staying true to our roots, this variation of hot chocolate will make you nostalgic for all things festive and lovely, such as Peppermint Crisp tart and family. 

Spiced rum hot chocolate

spiced rum hot chocolate

Vacation? Oh how we wish. If you have this spicy rum hot chocolate as an after-dinner treat or luxurious night cap, one thing is for sure... it will transport you to an island Tiki bar.

Hot chocolate balls 

hot chocolate balls

Make these hot chocolate balls ahead of time and treat yourself when that hot chocolate craving comes knocking!


Cheesecake swirl brownies

Not only does the white cheesecake swirl liven up the appearance of plain old brown brownies, it also balances out the very dark and rich chocolate brownie.

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