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How to crumb-proof your keyboard during your desk lunch

With demanding work schedules, it's difficult to leave your desk to have a sit-down meal, so we usally end up having lunch at our desks.

16 Apr 2018
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However According to the 2012 Tork report, it is apparently safer to eat off the toilet seat than to sit at your desk and eat. Eating at your desk can leave behind unwanted greasy particles, falling between hard to reach places like your keyboard, making it a breeding place for germs.

When our tummy grumbles the first thing we do is grab that pack of biscuits we have in our desk drawer or snack on a bag of chips – just to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

We've  put together a list that will help keep your desk tidier and your keyboard crumb-proof.

1. Before you even consider eating at your desk, make sure you pick your desk lunch wisely. A saucy meal is not going to work as you will just spill sauce all over your keyboard and mouse leaving it greasy and sticky. So think of something manageable like a neatly made chicken wrap, also opt to eat muesli and cereals out of a coffee mug instead of bowls so that you avoid spilling milk or even bits and pieces of muesli onto your desk or keyboard.

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2. Secondly ALWAYS have paper towels on hand, they can be used as a place-mat between you and your keyboard or as serviettes in between eating and typing.  The aim is to avoid using sticky fingers on your keyboard or mouse.

3. Try and keep all drinks and coffees in a cup with a cover, so with your cooldrinks keep the lid on when you’re not drinking it. However we know with the amount of coffee we drink, there will always be an open mug of coffee at our desk, so keep it far away from any of your electronics.

4. A great trick is to use clingwrap as a keyboard cover, it’s see-through and you’re able to type while it protects your keyboard from any food crumbs.

5. Packed lunch? Enjoy them from your lunchbox,using it as a surface to catch all the little pieces that might fall from the food you’re eating.

6. And lastly, an important tip that we all should follow is where we place snacks on our desks. Avoid having snacks anywhere near your keyboard, phone and mouse to avoid any spills or “accidents”.

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Let us know of any desk lunch tips you might have!


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