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This top SA chef shares 5 of her best kitchen tips

Uplevel your food game this year by taking these simple but effective nuggets of advice from one of SA's top chefs.

by: Jared Ruttenberg | 10 Jan 2019
 chef candice philip

(images: Jared Ruttenberg )

After winning the Rising Star Award at the Mercedes Benz Eat Out Awards in November last year, Chef Candice Philip, of The Saxon Hotel’s Grei Restaurant, has been a busy woman!

The Rising Star Award, sponsored by Nederburg, annually recognises someone making waves in the industry. Food24 contributor Jared Ruttenberg flew to Jozi to catch up with the chef who kindly shared her top kitchen tips with us. 

Have a look and jot down some notes! 

1. A lemon studded with cloves will keep flies away

Cut the lemon in half and stuff the flesh with some cloves. Flies hate cloves and lemons so it’s a sure win especially if you’re planning an outside brunch or braai. 

2. Flat freeze your food

Always freeze things as flat as possible, that way you can fit more in. We have learned to work in limited space so when you need to fit a lot of things into your freezer, the flatter it’s packed, the better. This would be great for home use as well. 

3. If you wouldn't eat it, don't serve it! 

This was one of the very first things I was told as a trainee and it has stuck with me ever since. If it’s not something you would be willing to eat for whatever reason, then don't serve it. #rulestoliveby.  

 chef candice philip

4. Keep these things at room temperature…

Cheese, citrus, tomatoes and chocolate all taste better at room temperature. It’s a known fact that some things taste better at ambient temperature and these are a few that are relevant. The depth of flavour is just better in chocolate and cheese whereas the tomatoes continue to ripen and the citrus becomes juicer and therefore has a fuller taste. 

5. Taste as you go, not just when you’re done

Seasoning is everything. Salt is a power player in our business so it’s essential to season as you cook, for example, salt helps draw out water, therefore, concentrating the natural flavours of what you’re cooking. Seasoning throughout the cooking process makes sure that every bite is full of flavour and not just the exterior or surface of your dishes. 

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