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5 Desserts you didn’t know you can make in your microwave

Even if you love baking, there are always those moments when a dessert craving strikes and the thought of preheating the oven is simply too much effort.

by: Katelyn from | 26 Apr 2019
5 Desserts you didn’t know you can make in your mi

The quicker you get from the making part to the eating part, the better! So I’ve rounded up some of the indulgent desserts you can make using a handful of ingredients 

1. Microwave cheesecakes

Are you ready to have your mind blown? The recipe for these 40-second microwave yoghurt cheesecakes is so easy I almost don’t need to write it down.

1 litre of double cream yoghurt and 1 tin (400g) of condensed milk.That’s it!

Whisk it together, divide into cups or ramekins (you can place some crushed biscuits on the bottom), microwave for 40 seconds and you have a cheesecake that’s soft, creamy and luscious.  It’s absolutely crazy and to be honest, shouldn’t really work when it comes to the science of baking but who cares about science when it tastes so good? 

Microwave cheesecake

2. Microwave meringues

Another recipe that will change your life, these microwave meringues are perfect to rustle up a quick Eton mess - just add whipped cream and seasonal fruit! 

Microwave meringues

3. Microwave crème brûlée

Once you make crème brûlée in the microwave, you’ll never go back! You’ll still need to be a bit patient to let it set, but shaving 30 minutes off the cooking time? Yes, please! Instead of placing it in the oven, pop the ramekins (in their Bain-Marie) in the microwave. Microwave on high for 3-4 minutes until the crème brûlée jiggles like jelly. Remove from the water and allow to cool completely in the fridge.

When ready to serve, sprinkle the tops with castor sugar and brûlée with a blowtorch until golden and caramelised. 

Creme brulee

4. Microwave lamingtons

If you’ve ever made lamingtons the conventional way, you’ll understand why microwave lamingtons are a real breakthrough! All the effort to make a perfect cake just to cut it up? No thanks! And can we also get a hallelujah for a cake that’s not in a cup? 

Microwave lamingtons

5. Microwave bread and butter pudding

The fact that this recipe uses leftover stale bread AND can be made in the microwave is a double whammy in my books. Instead of popping it in the oven, microwave the pudding in 30-second intervals until the centre is no longer liquid (how long this takes could depend on your microwave, but 3-5 minutes should do it.) 

Amarula bread pudding

Main image via Getty images.


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