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WATCH: The world's most expensive vodka is called Billionaire Vodka

Would you pay $3,7 million for a bottle of vodka? This is the price of the world's most luxurious vodka.

by: Robyn Brittow | 15 Jun 2018

WATCH: The most expensive vodka in the world is called Billionaire vodka. 

Vodka and its origins is still a debatable topic between the Russians and the Polish. The spirit can be made from anything that can be fermented and popular brands use ingredients such as potatoes, rye and wheat.

Vodka is the second best selling spirit in the world according to Vine pair and in 2014, $10,75 billion was spent worldwide on the versatile liquor.

In spirit of the 2018 World Cup being held in Russia, we've got 4 sensational vodka cocktails you have to try!

Get your ice and cocktail shakers ready.

Perfect Bloody Mary

bloody mary

Amarula martini

amarula martini



Espresso martini

espresso martini

Would you be willing to buy a bottle of Billionaire vodka if you could or would you buy a house instead? Tell us in the comment section below.

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