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Sushi pizza: Apparently this is the new way to eat your sushi

What do you get when you add sushi to pizza? Well, sushi pizza of cause! Which makes the perfect snack time treat!

28 Aug 2018
a sushi donut

(Image: iStock)

If you’re a huge fan of sushi, then you would be happy to know that these days you can find sushi on just about anything!

Atlanta restaurant, Poke Burri certainly puts creativity in their cooking.  In a bid to stay at the top of the food trends list, Poke Burri spiced their sushi servings up by introducing sushi donuts, sushi corn dogs and sushi burritos to their secret menu.

And this latest addition has caused quite a social media frenzy with Instagram users and Twitter users voicing their opinions:

Some people love this idea: 


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661 Likes, 88 Comments - Poke Burri (@pokeburri) on Instagram: "Video on @foodbeast ft. @foodistagirl DM to reserve pizza. #eeeeeats #igfood #goodeats #foodie..."

Enjoy your Sunday by grabbing a slice of Sushi Pizza! ??????

2,896 Likes, 119 Comments - WΛVE ? Asian Bistro & Sushi (@wavemountdora) on Instagram: "Enjoy your Sunday by grabbing a slice of Sushi Pizza! ??????"

Sarah Rose on Twitter

tbh I'm down for this sushi pizza ?????? ??: sweetportfolio | IG

Suyesh on Twitter

sushipizza who says romance is dead?

While some hate the idea: 

G Dizon on Twitter

Sushi pizza is the worst idea I've seen. Why do people support these things?

????TexasBeth ???? on Twitter

I just saw an ad for sushi pizza. Sushi pizza. My head seriously hurts from trying to understand those 2 words together.

TJ on Twitter

If you think sushi pizza or sushi burritos are a good idea please Uber to me so I can fist-fight you.

Let us know if you would love to try one of these in the comments below!


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