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You've been eating your sushi wrong - this Japanese chef shows you how it's done

We all love great sushi, but do we all eat it correctly? The answer is often - no.

by: Pumelela Ntsezo | 29 Sep 2017

(Image: Istock)

A number of us do not know that there are very strict rules when it comes to eating sushi. Still simple and delicious, sushi in Japan is eaten in a very different manner. 

Tokyo sushi chef Naomichi Yasuda, spoke to The Independent , and gave the full the low-down on how to enjoy the delicacy. 

Apparently, placing the pickled ginger on top of the sushi is a huge mistake. This, according to the Japanese chef, goes against etiquette in Japan. Another common error, he said, is dipping your sushi into soy sauce and then shaking it. Oops!

(Image: Karishma Gander)

Seaweed encased Maki rolls should be gently tapped into the soy sauce by hand and then eaten. Ginger then follows, as a palate cleanser. 

Nigiri, on the other hand, should be eaten with chopsticks. The fish must be turned to its side so you can dip it into soy sauce. 

Wasabi is also in the spotlight. Sushi bar chef, Uchiko says covering sushi with wasabi is a big mistake because it destroys the delicate flavour of the fish. "Filling a dish with too much soy sauce and rubbing chopsticks together, meanwhile, are also seen as a snub to the chef", he said. 

WATCH this video below if you're still a little unsure!

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