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by: Food 24 | 30 Aug 2007

My experience at the über-trendy Asian tapas bar, Haiku, was abominable. Although the food is tasty, their arrogance is insufferable. Two rigid sittings (7 or 9) make for either a manic rush through traffic or a long, hungry wait. I waited 20 minutes before eventually being ushered through a noisy, cramped, dimly lit dining room, to be served overpriced wine by a snooty waiter. Starters (steamed spinach dumplings, prawn toast and other delectably sweet, soy-soaked appetizers) were absolutely delicious. I never received my main course because at 11pm my waiter announced that Chef had closed the kitchen. I felt like Cinderella on daylight saving time! There was no apology, no explanation as to why the food was not brought earlier. I left Haiku hungry and resentful, vowing never to return. Submitted by Peta

Saigon (Rivonia)
Do u remember the first time you fell in luv? The excitement, anticipation, etc.. that's what it's like when I make a reservation at Saigon. I am like a kid in a candy store looking at their menu. What would it be?.. everything! The food's divine like a song on your lips but I have to say that my favourite of favourites is Roasted duck with plum sauce & a side dish of egg-fried rice.. celebration of flavours on your palate. Saigon's dishes invites your taste buds on an excursion of flavours. You have to try the Pavlova.. Divine I tell you! They've ensured their Pavlova compliments Anna Pavlova, the ballet dancer the meringue was named after – It's crispy on the outside, light and fluffy inside. I yearn four more and long to be back. I'm in luv as can b.. from your food to your service – you complete my dining-out experience. Submited by JK

Pancho's Mexican Restaurant
Aye kuramba! Pancho's, I love you guys. If I could play the guitar I'd declare my affections with soppy love-strums. Your slushy Margaritas are yum-deluxe and kick like Jacky Chan on Bob Martins. The portions are ginormous and the food is mmm to the max. I am particularly partial to the DIY tacos. The vibe is kick-off-your-shoes comfy; the perfect post-work therapy. I'm also crazy about the cheesy d'r (including the more bizarre items like the cactus covered in gold foil). I've even managed to convert my friends into faithful Pancho's slaves who can't get by without their weekly chili popper fixes. A word of warning if you are new to the wonders of Pancho's: Their gospel has spread far and wide,so folly on the prospective patron who doesn't book. Submited by I .

Star Dust
One would never guess that so much fun is hidden behind this restaurant's mauve doors. Once inside, you are transported to Morocco and the Mediterranean. Soft lamb cooked in earthen cookware; duck with peach and mango; fillet on elaborate skewers. Attention to detail prevails. Soup served in bread rolls; desserts in ice bowls with petals frozen in semi-eternity and a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit, marshmallows and biscuits. Performances included Shirley Valentine's famous discussion with her wall & an energising bongo drumming session. We all joined in with clapping & dancing on the tables, singing along, karaoke style, all trying to win the bottle of sparkling wine for the most spirited table. If live entertainment and good food is your idea of a fun, you will love Stardust. Submited by Carla

When walking into Porcinis you get a sublime feel of the tradition that Heritage square offers Capetonians and tourists! Still boasting the oldest fruit bearing vine in CT you can dine in the serene setting on extravagant and traditional meals. The MUST try is the tantalising EISBEIN (which thankfully was recommended by the owner)! Ladies and gentleman if you really want to take pleasure in a meal that is affordable and a hearty portion then this is the one! The crisp outer layer of the delectable knuckle melts in your mouth, once entering the inner fleshy pork meat you will experience AS A PORK LOVER the true delight of a QUALITY eisbien! Decent portions, reasonable rates all these factors alongside with the personal service received from the waitron staff and management MADE our dining experience a relief from the rush, rush feeling that one tends to experience at many restaurants. Winter time you can enjoy a "wine & dine" vibe at the fire place and in Summer the restaurant opens onto Patios and decks so you sip away on you G&T and snack on tapas that are too die for under the Cape Town summer sky! Submited by Fiona

Five Flies
If you've ever seen the movie "Mostly Martha" or "Like Water for Chocolate" and remember the tastes, flavours and passion for cooking, then Five Flies is for you! I'd heard about Five Flies, but had never had the opportunity to go.That is, until recently when my dearest friend, Karen, decided to celebrate her birthday there. (Note: Karen = friend with obvious good taste!) I went with no expecations and left with a Five Flies Love Sonnet in my heart. Right from the Prawn starter, to the Beef Fillet main to the poached Pear, with Chocolate mousse and Meringue dessert it felt like time had come to a grinding halt. The portions were perfect. For obvious reasons, I'm a little bit blurry on the actual conversation that night... but make sure YOU don't miss out on the Five Flies experience! Submited by Imogen.

Bread, Milk & Honey
It was one of those drizzly, windy Cape Town mornings that make me wish I drove a car, not a scooter. I was looking for a little breakfast when I stumbled into Bread, Milk & Honey, my version of heaven. The Amelie soundtrack was playing softly, the lighting was warm, the atmosphere friendly, and the air smelt like fresh baking and coffee. I got myself a divine chocolate muffin (moist, fresh, real chocolate) and a pot of tea, and spent a happy half hour staring out the window at the falling rain and the city. The whole experience cost me R13.50... Lest you think I'm overly romantic, I returned later in bright daylight, busy mid-week, and it was just as delicious. B,M&H is the kind of place that makes you feel like time has slowed down, and everyone is taking a deep breath. My kind of place. Submited by Bridget.

Mugg & Bean
Thinking about popping into Mugg & Bean for a fast, friendly and filling meal before heading home after a bout of shopping at Clearwater Mall? My advice: Get into your car and drive as fast and far as you can get from said Mugg & Bean without passing out from hunger/thirst/exhaustion. The first coffee shop you see once you have succumbed to the hunger pangs can only be 100% better than Mugg & Bean Clearwater... guaranteed. Even if it's called 'Oom Frik se Lekkerdop Koffiehuis met Vooma', go there instead. For at M&B Clearwater, the waiters are as elusive as Greta Garbo, the closest they get to ambience is the confusion created by having two bright orange buckets labelled 'Sanitise' on their coffee counter, the food is as dodgy as a 'Zimbabwean' politician and the manager is as caring as the CEO of a debt collection firm. Complain that the 'bottomless' lemonade has no flavour and suggest that they add more cordial to the water and you're told that. That's the way head office tells them to make it and 'sorry, but there's no way we can add more cordial to the water' (as, apparently, it MUST taste like dishwater according to head office's instructions... but, hey, at least it's bottomless!!!) Submited by Phil

This is really an experience. Not the average. We started with a Seafood linguine with fresh scallops after that I knew we were in for a treat for the main dish. I had a Study of Wild Mushrooms (Wild Mushroom soup, Mushroom mousse, Mushrooms in filo, – can you taste it). WOW. We were absolutely speechless. I did not know you could do so much with a mushroom. Its the kind of food you see in magazines. Just perfect. It is hard for me to find the right words to explain the dish. And desert the best ever chocolat fondant. I still have the slip to remind me of the most perfect evening!!! Submited by Marietjie

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