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Midweek recipe ideas for low carb cooks - 19 October 2016

Low carb burgers, brownie S'mores, sausage bacon bake and more!

18 Oct 2016

Start your day with something hearty! And by that we're talking about a meaty sausage and bacon bake. Add eggs done to your liking for a protein-rich meal.

Beat the hunger pangs with a healthy treat. These brownie S'mores are great as a sweet treat minus the carbs. Make a large batch and keep them for the week.

Gone are the days when burgers could only be eaten with a large, carby roll. Try having the patties with a courgette rosti and a good dollop of guacamole. Click here for the recipe.

How good does this sound - rooibos tea and blueberry panna cotta with nut butter caramel sauce?! Find the recipe here!

For more low carb recipes, click HERE and for our top recommended low-carb recipes click here.Save


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