Low carb smoked trout

2 servings Prep: 1 hr 30 mins By Food24
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Ingredients (18)

300 g trout — raw
200 g sea salt
lemon — zest only
Sweet corn:
1 sweetcorn — on the cob
20 g butter — salted
Homemade ricotta with lemon zest:
500 ml milk — full cream
14 ml vinegar — white wine
sea salt — Maldon salt
lemon — zest only
white pepper
Turmeric fermented Cauliflower (must be done 2 days prior to serving of meal):
100 g cauliflower
20 ml water
2 g dried coriander
2 g black peppercorns
1 g salt — fine
2 g turmeric — ground
Kefir ice cream:
200 ml cream
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Start smoker (if you have one) or start your braai with firewood or coals, and let it get to a high temperature (around 120-150°C). Blend coarse salt, lemon zest and orange till lightly ground.

Sprinkle lightly ground mixture over both sides of the trout and let it cure for 15 minutes. After curing, wash off the salt and pat dry with a clean dish cloth towel. Place in a slotted tray and into the fridge until it’s time to smoke.

Alternative: if you do not have a smoker, start the braai with some coals or firewood, buy some smoking chips from any braai goods store. Ensure firewood or coals are at a high temperature, place fish into a slotted tray and put smoking chips onto the firewood or coals, place the fish onto a grid on top of the smoke, close braai to ensure heat and smoke stays within. Check after 5-15 minutes.

Cut off the corn from the cob using a sharp knife, place corn into a sauce pan or shallow pan with a with 15g of butter. Let the corn cook and get some light colour, remove from the heat and then add the remaining butter to glaze the corn lightly. Season to taste.

Heat the milk to 93°C, remove from the heat and add a big pinch of salt and the vinegar.

Let it stand for 15 minutes, once curdled, remove and place into a sieve with a cheese cloth and let it strain for 30 minutes.

Once strained, place into a bowl or container, add lemon zest, pepper and salt to taste. Serve when ready.

TURMERIC FERMENTED CAULIFLOWER: (To be done two days prior)

Cut cauliflower into bite size pieces and place into a Ziploc bag. Add all remaining ingredients into one small saucepan, warm slightly and combine. Once combined smoothly, pour into Ziploc bag with cauliflower. Try release all air from bag and seal tightly. Let the Ziploc bag stand in a warm, dark area for two days before serving.

Place kefir cream into churner and let churn, if you do not have an ice cream churner, place kefir cream into a mixing bowl and whisk until soft peaks, place in freezer and continue to give a whisk to every 30 minutes until soft serve consistency, serve when ready.
If you would like to make your own kefir cream, please prepare at least a week prior.

Add kefir culture and cream into a pot, heat to 74.2 degrees Celsius, place into a Ziploc bag and seal as tight as possible, let sit in a warm area for a week prior to serving.

Recipe by  of Darien Prophet of The Institute of Culinary Arts.

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