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By Food24 March 30 2020
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Ingredients (14)

1,5 l sugar
625 ml water
30 ml golden syrup
1 ml cream of tartar
1 ml tartaric acid
lemon — zest only
300 ml lemon juice
1,25 l cake flour
50 ml baking powder
2 ml salt
60 ml butter
2 eggs — extra-large
375 ml buttermilk
oil — for deep frying
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Lemon syrup

1. Heat
all the ingredients
except the lemon
zest and juice. Stir
until the sugar has
dissolved. Allow to
boil then simmer for
10 minutes. Add the
lemon zest and juice
and cool completely.


1. Sift the dry
ingredients together.
Rub the butter in with
your fingers.

2. Beat the eggs and
buttermilk together
and cut into the flour
mixture with a knife.
Mix until a soft dough
forms. Knead well for
3-5 minutes until soft
and elastic. Wrap in
clingfilm and cool for
30 minutes.

3. Roll out to a thickness of 4 mm. Cut
into long strips about
3 cm wide. Cut each
into 6 cm lengths.

4. Cut a lengthways
slit down the middle
of each but don’t cut
through the top and
bottom ends. Push
one end through the
slit to create a twist.
Place a wet cloth over
the koeksisters.

5. Have two bowls
with ice-cold syrup
ready – one ready to
use, the other chilling
in the fridge.

To deep-fry

6. Heat
enough oil for deepfrying and fry about
5 koeksisters at a
time until cooked and
golden brown. Drain
briefly on kitchen paper and immediately
dunk each koeksister
in the ice-cold syrup.
Use a spoon to submerge it completely
so it can absorb the
syrup. Make sure the
syrup is cold – when
one bowl becomes
lukewarm, switch it
with the other bowl
in the fridge.

7. Put the koeksisters
on a wire rack and
store uncovered in
the fridge. They keep
for 5 days in the
fridge or can be frozen. Serve garnished
with basil if you like.

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