Easy Paleo bone broth

Prep: 15 mins, Cooking: 2 hrs
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Bone broth: Trending circa 2015. Loaded with the good stuff!

By Food24 February 05 2015
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Ingredients (8)

2 kg beef — bones
2 carrots
2 leeks
1 onion
4 cloves garlic — cloves
2 tsp vinegar
fresh thyme
salt — to taste
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Roughly chop all vegetables and add to a large pot with the bones, garlic, vinegar and thyme. Cover with just enough water so all the bones are submerged and place on a very low heat – bubbles should barely break the surface – for at least two hours (the longer, the better).
Remove any debris that floats to the top while cooking, and top with more water if the bones peek through the surface. Once cooked, strain to remove all solid bits. Add salt to taste. If you want to remove the fat, place in the fridge overnight – the fat will form a solid layer on top. Enjoy in a few days, or freeze until needed.

What exactly is broth?
A selection of good quality bones (beef or chicken or most popular), gently simmered with vegetables or herbs; strained, skimmed and enjoyed.

How to use it:
Drink as broth or use it as a base for sauces and soups – spaghetti bolognaise, sauces, gravies blended vegetable soups – anywhere you would use stock.

Roast the bones first, to improve their flavour .

The broth ‘gels’ when cool due to the gelatin that is released from the bones (another benefit) but will return to liquid when heated.

Be careful not to cook your both on too high a heat, as this will destroy the gelatin.

The quality of the bones is the most important, so source yours from a reputable butcher.
Once the broth is made, it will keep in the fridge for a few days.
You could divide it into portions, place in freezer bags, freeze, and defrost when needed.

Recipe reprinted with permission of A Gorgeous Life. To see more recipes, please click here.
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