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Taste test: the limited edition McDSupremes burger

This week, #Trending threw our Summer body diets out the window and indulged in some of McDonald’s limited edition McDSupremes burgers. Here’s what we thought

16 Oct 2016

Look, shem, McD’s must be applauded for its attempts at reinvention, considering that it’s pretty tricky trying to make fast food burgers sexy or new.

I must also admit that I am not a fan of burger overkill, such as burgers with different sauces, multiple patties, 12 toppings and a unicorn – it doesn’t bode well for my anxiety about messy food. However, the new McDSupremes burgers aren’t bad at all.

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While I prefer the original Quarter Pounder, the new Quarter Pounder with Jalapeño Relish had a tasty spiciness to it. I don’t like Peppadews, so I wasn’t a fan of the Quarter Pounder with Peppadews, but the Grand Chicken was yummy, especially with that sauce. I’ve always maintained that McD’s chicken burgers are better than the beef ones. – Gugulethu Mhlungu

The devil’s food

Ronald McDonald grins his sinister clown smile as children tuck into sugar-laden milkshakes and oil-drenched fries. Burger wrappers flutter in the wind as they are thrown out of car windows. An overweight man struggles to get out of his car as he heads to the tills for his latest fast-food fix.

And all across the land, the yellow arches keep popping up. Soon the whole world will be one big fast-food joint. That aside, the new McDonald’s McDSupremes burgers are really tasty. Give them a go. Grethe Kemp

Chicken for the win

Of the three new McDonald’s burgers I tried, the Grand Chicken with Peppadew was my favourite. But then, I love chicken and I can guarantee all chicken lovers are going to like it.

The Quarter Pounder with Peppadew has a succulent beef patty and it deserves four out of five stars. The Quarter Pounder with Jalapeño relish is scrumptious and you’ll want to have more.

I have so much love for McDonald’s because every time my friends and I go for a chill in town, we fill our tummies with McDonald’s yummy burgers. The chicken burger is still my favourite out of the three. Plus, I like soft meat because I have dental problems. – Phuti Mathobela

*All burgers bought from McDonald’s Victory Park

*Available until mid-January

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