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Exciting new additions to De Warenmarkt

Stellenbosch’s eating, drinking and meeting place welcomes two bearded chefs, the Butcher’s Lunch and Olive or Twist!

15 Apr 2016
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De Warenmarkt opened its doors last year July and has seen over 15000 visitors since then. The concept of a central port, the Cape of Good Hope, was embraced with a pop-up kitchen to offer street food, a group of artisan stalls and a deli to create a one stop shop for fresh produce and wares, a meeting space to embrace food, wine and the art that goes into creating it and sourcing it.

‘’It has been great addition to the Stellenbosch foodie scene,’’ comments Elmarie Rabe, Stellenbosch Wine Routes Manager, “and one of my favourite spots with delicious coffee and a great after-work drinks spot and to enjoy tasty street food. There’s always a buzz and it’s the place where locals meet.” Concludes Rabe.

A year down the line of fresh bread and roasting coffee aromas filling the streets, the space is evolving to meet the needs of the community and visitors to Stellenbosch, becoming the central hub and part of everyday life. “This project from the start has been organic, people and products have presented themselves and we’ve welcomed their ideas and incorporation, De Warenmarkt is a space for the Stellenbosch community and beyond  to refuel, relax and explore.” Says Koba Dumas, one of the founders.

Restaurant and bar: What’s cooking?

The Hands-On pop up kitchen was created to showcase street food by local chefs for three month stints. “After consulting with industry, the logistics became clear that although a fun opportunity to get creative, with the staffing demands on running an existing restaurant that chefs would need to maintain, and fully give the pop-up venture attention, it became something we needed to rethink.‘’ Comments Koba.  

Kan 10 is born, the collaboration of the bearded chefs Westley Muller and Nic van Wyk to create a canteen style eatery  embracing the pop-up following, while maintain a strong, consistent kitchen.  They first crossed paths at Terroir restaurant 12 years ago and have kept those paths close ever since. Westley won Best Country Kitchen in the 2013 Eat Out awards for Towerbosch Earth Kitchen, and Nic opened Bistro 13 on Welmoed Farm in Stellenbosch in 2014, cooking his now famous chicken pie for 600 guests at the 2015 Eat Out Awards.

de warenmarkt,stellenbosch,news,olive or twist,kan
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This powerhouse team is committed to embracing street food and a menu that explores it close to home and around the world. The popular Lucky 13 burger and the specially designed Ryan Boon patty remains on the menu, and welcomes interesting sidekicks to grow the burger offering and there is much excitement for the chicken rotisserie in the pipeline.  The opening menu will feature among others, sweet and sour lamb ribs, a bunny chow and spring rolls, as well as a dessert selection. On top of lunch and dinner, a simple breakfast menu will feature a creative toast offering, as well as oats and a health and fresh fruit option.

‘’Every chef loves to create new dishes, Kan 10 embraces this, with the variety on offer, people can eat any time of time of day and never get bored.” Says Westley. Kan 10 will be open six days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as offer a ‘grab and go’ section with fresh sandwiches and the likes of a potato salad to make everyone’s ouma nod their head in approval.

de warenmarkt,stellenbosch,news,olive or twist,kan
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Olive or Twist steps in as the market bar with Marcus Oosthuizen and his team at the helm. Marcus is the backbone of Aandklas bar in Stellenbosch and brings his experience to the table. “The testament to a great bar is becoming the space where people share moments - the big ones and the smaller ones.” Comments Marcus.

The bar will run cocktail and lunch specials, sport-supporter hubs for big games, as well as comedy and live music evenings.
Artisan stands:

Ryan Boon: Master butcher, Ryan Boon is one the big names in the meat business in Cape Town and its top restaurants. His flagship store at De Warenmarkt allows visitors to interact with his team of experts and bring the old days back of having a relationship with your butcher. Interesting cuts are available, as well as biltong and droewors. 
Monday to Friday 07:00 - 18:00 and Saturdays 07:00 - 15:00.
The Butcher’s lunch (new): invites visitors to pick their cut of meat from the Ryan Boon stand, and have it prepared in the Kan 10 kitchen with sides. Available during butchery hours from 12h00.

Juice Revolution: Whether you are rebooting or adding a fresh juice to your daily ritual, the Juice Revolution’s menu will have you struggling to decide. On top of fresh juice to enjoy at the market, or to take away, their frozen juices and programme is also available to buy. Mon-Sat 07h00-18h00.
Deluxe Coffeeworks: These people understand the art of coffee and offer a one stop shop, coffee on the go, or stocking up for your home brew.
Monday to Saturday 07:00 - 17:00.

Mano’s Bakery:  From ciabatta to sourdough, this master baker makes choosing your loaf tricky.  Mon-Sat 07h30-17h00
De Warenmarkt Deli:  From black risotto to olives, spice rubs and cheese, the deli offers high quality ingredients to make your home cooking that much tastier. It will also be the location of the grab and go sandwiches and salads, and you can pick up fresh flowers while you are at it!
Monday to Saturday 07:30 - 18:00

Yummyness: Whether you like it plain, or with tantalizing embellishments, the waffle and crepe counter is where your sweet tooth gets some attention. Many wills have been lost with the wafting scent of fresh waffles and crepes. Savory options also available.
Monday to Saturday 07:30 - 18:00

Olive or Twist:
Monday to Saturday 11:00 - 00:00

de warenmarkt,stellenbosch,news,olive or twist,kan
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Address: Crn Ryneveld and Plein Street Stellenbosch. (Street parking available and the parking area next to De Cameron on Plein Street. Please note peak traffic time in Stellenbosch CBD on week days is 16h00-17h30

021 883 2274

Facebook: De Warenmarkt
Twitter: @dewarenmarkt
Instagram: De Warenmarkt

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