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Sbu’s Lounge - reviewed


by: Meleney Cunniff | 25 Aug 2016

Sbu’s Lounge is on the main road between KwaMashu and Inanda and the perfect place to experience a true Inanda township vibe and shisa nyama eating.  It’s also close to the Gandhi Settlement, Inanda Seminary and Ohlanga High School, which was founded by John Dube,  the ANC’s first president. So it would make a good stop-off if you are visiting these historical sites.

While a few stray tourists or out of “towners” find their way to Sbu’s Lounge, it’s more of a local eatery and popular with residents. Generally quiet on weekdays, and very quiet on the weekday we visited, it pumps at night and over weekends with live music entertaining not only the patrons but nearby residents.

Built and designed by Sbu himself, it’s a double storey building with a top deck offering expansive views of  the township . Wanting an “African” feel, Sbu used an eclectic collection of tiles to create crazy mosaic-style patterns on the floors and pillars. Local art on the walls adds to its colourful décor.  There’s also a VIP lounge.  

On the weekday we visited there was not much of a selection in the downstairs butchery, which stored meat in display cabinets. We had a choice of brisket, chicken and livers. Apparently a large function the previous day had depleted their supplies, but usually you can also expect to find kidneys and different types of wors as well.

We ordered brisket and chicken which were braaied for us over an open flame and served to us at an outdoor table, along with chakalaka and a plate of sliced tomatoes.  

Since traditional shisa nyama eating is about using your hands and sharing from a main platter, a bowl of water and towels were put on our table for us to wash our hands before eating.  A nice touch, I thought.

The brisket was tasty, but a little tough while the chicken was delicious, crispy and spicy on the outside and tender inside. We particuarly enjoyed the chakalaka which was carrots and beans in a tomato sauce.

Sbu’s Lounge is not slick or sophisticated, but clean, colourful and cheerful. The vibe is welcoming and the service efficient.  What makes it special is that it truely reflects shisa nyama eating and hospitality.

Good selection of drinks available from soft to hard tack. Our meal came to R76 which easily fed three of us  and included three soft drinks. How affordable is that!  

Basic, but clean toilets.  No toilet paper when I visited the loo, but when a staffer realised I was inside, she rushed in and passed a roll through a gap in the door. Most bemused by that and her concern!

Car washing facilities available.

Judged by: Meleney Cunniff


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