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One and Only Lounge - reviewed


by: Lungi Nhlanhla | 25 Aug 2016

One and Only Lounge is a trendy location just off the main road in the township of KwaMashu, north of Durban. It’s a great place to have a contemporary shisa nyama experience.

When you first arrive at the lounge you might mistake it for a lodge, but once you enter you a welcomed by the lively music. The vast, open space allows for several different seating options. If you want to enjoy the vibe and interact with others then you can make use of the picnic tables and bench set-ups under umbrellas or thatched roofing. Or you can sit  on the roof top, which gives you an overview of the KwaMashu township. But if you are feeling a bit more mellow you can chill in the inside lounge which is reserved for VIPs.

With a vast bar supply, all needs are catered for, from premium whiskey and cider drinkers to non-drinkers. The pricing is affordable. We arrived on a not so busy evening and were greeted and attended to with great enthusiasm. As the selection on weekdays is not as extensive as on weekends we only had a choice of  chicken wings, wors and beef chuck steaks.

All the meat was well spiced and marinated and prepared over an open fire. Once ready it was brought to our table. The wors wasn’t the greatest, but the chicken  was juicy and the chuck steaks tender. With it being a week night not a great selection of side dishes either, but the lovely mama who took great care of us was more than willing to whip us up some tasty pap and ushatini (raw tomato, onion and chilli salsa/sambals). Served on a traditional wooden platter (ugqoko) it really added to the traditional shisa nyama culture.

With two toilet facilities to cater for inside and outside patrons, I found them both clean and very well maintained. Car wash facilities are also available just a stone’s throw away, which had a vibe of catering more to the locals and people who preferred the street braai scene.

We were able to enjoy the shisa nyama until nightfall. In total we three ladies were able to enjoy the evening for a sum total of R431 with some extra meat, which we got as a takeaway.

One and Only really has a homely feeling despite its size and its staff are ready, willing and available to be of service. They make you feel at home without being overbearing.

Our food bill came to R270 which included two wors, five chicken wings, three beef chuck steaks and pap and ushatini.  Our drinks bill came to R161 which included two double Jamesons, a Hunter’s Dry and soft drinks. 

Judged by: Lungi Nhlanhla



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