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Café Skyzer- reviewed


by: Lungi Nhlanhla | 24 Aug 2016

Café Skyzer, or “eSkyzer” as it’s better known to locals, is a quaint location on the main road between the township of Chesterville and Mayville suburb and one that makes you feel you’re in the heart of the township.

Sadly, when we arrived the area had a power outage, but that didn’t take away from their friendly and-willing-to-accomodate-you greeting.  

Although not a large venue you still feel you can create your own space be it inside or outside, with both areas having a lounge set up. Or you can simply opt for the verandah. The low walls also allow you to feel like you are part of the township without being on the street.

You can choose specific meats to be cooked for you over an open flame or opt for sharing a set platter of spiced wors, chicken wings, beef brisket, short ribs, fried chips, pap, steam bread (ujeqe) and chakalaka (spicy bean, carrot, vegetable atchar and tomato relish), which is what we did as it was better value. The platter was brought to our table once ready with great presentation. The meat was tender, but the highlight for me were the chicken wings (tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside), and the spicy wors.

As our time continued and with the power returning along with the vibe and music, we were still being continuously well looked after and constantly checked on even as more patrons gathered.

With a well-stocked bar and very reasonable prices, each person is able to indulge their drinking pleasure.

The owner, Bless, has really created a hospitable environment and doesn’t shy away from serving guests and being generally hands-on.

Toilet facilities are clean and well maintained. A car wash is around the corner and traditional African food is on offer next door. Each establishment makes use of each other’s services.

Being there on a Sunday we were able to enjoy the atmosphere and have a shisa nyama Sunday experience until nightfall. In total we were able to enjoy the evening as a happy group of 10 friends for a sum total of R675.

Café Skyzer is special because it offers both a really down-to-earth shisa nyama along with a real township experience, both of which allow you to lounge and enjoy the atmosphere comfortably.

Our food bill came to R440, which included two meat platters with meat and sides. Our drinks bill came to  R235, which included four double Glenfiddich and soft drinks. 

Judged by: Lungi Nhlanhla



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