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Why you need to visit Jackson’s Real Food Market in Bryanston

Check out this local hot spot for all things health and wholefoods!

by: Sarah Graham | 28 Oct 2016

Hey Joburg, there’s a new kid on the block! They’re worth getting to know and worth getting excited about…

Jackson’s real food market has been a whole-foods institution in Bryanston for a while now, but they’ve just upped the ante and exploded into a much bigger space with an enormous made-for-hanging-out deck that overlooks tree-topped hills to the east of the suburb.

Besides treating myself to brunch recently (beautiful just-baked sourdough topped with pastrami, organic Mozzarella and home-made pesto), oh, and an almond milk cappuccino on the side, I spent a few minutes chatting to Gary Jackson, the man behind the brand.  

Gary hails from the fast food industry. Yip, he’s seen it all, and eaten most of it too. He was previously more than 20kg heavier, and plagued by brain fog (as he calls it), depression, kidney stones and more. Then he met his own Greek Goddess, who promptly binned the brown paper bags full of junk food, merrily switched them all to a Mediterranean and ‘real food’ diet.

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The weight fell off, the fog lifted, and Gary’s eyes were opened. He started devouring more than just goodness, but knowledge and information relating to where our food is coming from, and what we’re putting into our bodies (and our children’s bodies). This was music to my ears as I’ve spent the better part of the last year researching and learning my way through similar territory so that I could pour tangible information into my next book, Wholesome, which is due out in April next year.

“Jackson’s is a REAL Food Market. REAL, meaning honest, delicious, good-for-you food of the finest quality you’ll find anywhere in the country. That’s because it comes straight from small local farmers and suppliers with good old-fashioned principles – people who still produce food the way nature intended, and deliver it to you directly at excellent prices” - Gary Jackson.

Jackson’s has been an eight-year passion project for Gary and his wife. He says his model is completely customer-drive.  Gary is also passionate about educating consumers, and so they often host evening events where local farmers and healthy food gurus can share their wisdom. And because of that, there’s an added sense of community that imparts extra magic.  

Besides beautiful fruit and veg, the deli offers an endless array of healthy food options – everything from kale chips to stone-ground flour, kefir, healthy sweet treats and lots in between. This is a New-York deli style face-brick joint with a lot more than just funk – there’s heart and soul and I think you’ll love it.

Sarah Graham is a Cookbook Author and the host of TV cooking show Sarah Graham’s Food Safari. Follow Sarah’s food journey on Instagram



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