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Where to eat in Fordsburg: 6 spicy destinations

We discover the vibrancy and diversity of Fordsburg’s restaurant scene

by: Lisa Witepski | 04 May 2018
best places to eat in Fordsburg, Joburg

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Mention Fordsburg, and most Joburgers will immediately think of the Oriental Plaza. While it’s true that this is the area’s main attraction, there are so many other great foodie destinations in this colourful suburb. We ventured out to find some interesting dining options. 

Kashif’s Fusion Food and Deli
Although the emphasis is firmly on fragrant spicy dishes at Kashif’s, there’s pretty much something for everyone – especially if you’re a seafood fan. The prawns deserve special mention; enjoy them slathered with peri peri or lemon butter, or opt for something more exotic: the Pakistani-style chicken curry is delicious. 

Malaysian prawns an all time favourite

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Bay Leaf Restaurant
What stands out most at this renowned Indian restaurant is the value for money: dinner for two might set you back as little as R200. It’s also fully halaal. Regulars rave about the freshness of the food, especially the fluffy naans – a must-have accompaniment for your tandoori chicken. Not a fan of spice? There are also a number of Chinese options on the menu, including noodle and rice specialties. Fans love the quaint, cosy atmosphere – the perfect place to experience the colour and character of Fordsburg.

Al Hamra
Another Pakistani/Indian/Chinese hybrid, Al Hamra is to be avoided if you’re someone who battles with decision making – the menu is extremely broad, with a particularly wide choice when it comes to grills, mutton and chicken dishes. Our suggestion? Order a bunch of different dishes, then swap. You won’t be disappointed, especially if the tikka chicken features in your selection – said to be among the best in Joburg.

Dosa Hut
In case you’re wondering, a dosa is a kind of pancake. It’s traditionally stuffed with black lentils, but the Dosa Hut takes this basic and lifts it to an art form, offering fillings ranging from paneer (traditional cheese) to chicken. There’s also a substantial array of curries, and even Indo-Chinese dishes to be enjoyed.

World of Samoosas
Who can resist those crispy fried triangles, just bursting with tongue-tingling spices? The World of Samoosas is just that: a whole new world of flavour that turns everything you know about these staple snacks on its head – so, if you think cheese and corn or even potato are exotic fillings, you’re in for a surprise (a good one). Try the prawn variety, or satisfy your sweet tooth with coconut. You can also buy a frozen pack to fry up at home later. And if samosas just aren’t your thing, you can also try out the bunny chows or curry.

If your introduction to Indian food has been through a restaurant decorated to recall the glory days of the maharajas, you might be in for a surprise. As one critic has noted, Bismillah doesn’t really cater for those who are looking for anglicised versions of their favourite curries – but it does cater for those who crave intense flavours and authentic cuisine. The dhal aknie is particularly flavoursome and moreish.

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