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Ceiling collapses at popular Johannesburg restaurant

1 person hospitalised due to freak accident.

by: Food24 | 16 Mar 2016

Cape Town 16 March 2016 - Social media was a-flurry today when the news broke that parts of the ceiling at a restaurant in Woodmead collapsed.

Comedic radio personality, Jeremy Mansfield was at the scene and tweeted, "Who knew business meetings could be so dangerous. The ceiling just collapsed at News Cafe Woodmead."

According to a statement released by the News Cafe brand, Varina Singh - Marketing Manager for the brand has responded with the following:

“News Cafe sincerely apologises for the unfortunate incident that took place at our Woodmead store. We are in contact with the onsite construction company, Soda Creations who is responsible for the renovations and aesthetical changes at the store.

While we can confirm that a part of the ceiling collapsed at approximately 11am this morning, we are awaiting their full report to determine exactly what happened.

At the time of the incident there were 15 patrons seated inside the restaurant but thankfully none of them were seriously hurt. Unfortunately, the construction designer was injured and has been taken to hospital for further assessment. We sympathise with him and wish him a speedy recovery. We also sincerely apologise to our patrons who were inconvenienced and traumatised by the incident.


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