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Joburg's new Sushi Burrito & Co - reviewed

Looking for something novel in the City of Gold? This just might tickle your taste buds.

by: Clare Anderson | 12 Sep 2017

(images: Sushi Burrito & Co Instagram)

The name certainly had us intrigued - what is this thing you call a "Sushi Burrito" we asked. Well, it's an unusual pairing of Japanese cuisine and Mexican cooking to bring you - Sushi Burritos. A sushi burrito is basically a massive burrito made of rice, nori and filled with fresh sushi fillings such as salmon and tuna, cucumber and wasabi.

More adventurous burrito eaters may choose the crispy duck burrito or tempura veg burrito. Don't forget to ask them to ask them to roll your burrito in a "famous crunch", which is cheesy corn sprinkles - a great addition to the burrito. It can be a little messy to eat, so perhaps not ideal for a first date, or a business lunch - but in all other situations, it comes highly recommended.

The menu has quite a few other interesting options to choose from if the thought of a sushi burrito doesn't appeal to you. The food craze that originates from Hawaii - poke (pronounced poke-ay ) bowls is something you might want to try. Poke is a colourful, healthy raw fish salad and can be served with a choice of fresh green salad, sushi rice or brown rice. 

Another delicious option to think of would be the bao buns. Each portion is served in a bamboo steamer and the soft, fluffy buns are filled with an assortment of yummy goodies. If you can persuade your fellow diners to share with you, it works quite nicely to order a variety of buns and try out a few different options. I loved the crispy duck bao ( with Asian greens, spring onion, lettuce, cucumber spaghetti, carrot spaghetti, sriracha mayo and hoisin sauce) but the panko-crumbed chicken breast (with lettuce, onion, spring onion, beetroot spaghetti and coleslaw with tonkatsu or curry sauce) was a close second.

The decor is fresh and exciting and clean simple designs and bright colours. The Japanese pop-art themes on the place mats make for something different from the norm. Dessert options are quite limited, but still, stick with the interesting Asian fusion theme. 


The restaurant has become very popular, but this has not detracted from the service. Staff were attentive and happy to explain the new concepts to patrons unfamiliar with what they were faced with. 

Sushi Burrito is definitely a spot to visit with a larger group to ensure you can try out a few options from the menu - and then order more of the things that you really like.


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