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Chef James Diack brings Italian soul food to Melville

La Stalla is another manifestation of Chef James Diack’s love for food as well as the outcome of inspiration drawn from the success of Il Contadino.

by: Mamello Sejake | 26 Apr 2018
Italian restaurant La Stalla opens in Joburg

Images: Katy Harrison

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La Stalla which means “The Stable” takes the form of a rustic pizzeria and is a response to a change in what people are eating, and how they’re spending their money. A homey restaurant with a wholesome approach is a welcome addition to Melville’s vibey 7th Street. 

Farm to fork and nose to tail philosophies reside at the core of all Chef Diack’s restaurants and La Stalla is no exception. Every item on La Stalla’s menu will be prepared using mainly the ingredients from his family farm, Brightside Farm.

To give character to La Stalla, Diack has teamed up with Rausharn Griffin, who he’s been working with since 2014. Together they are serving up a variety of soulful, delicious and affordable small plates, a wood-fired pizzas and farm-fresh salads. The bruschetta with a variety of toppings, and arancini stuffed and dusted with wild-boar bacon are mouth-watering must-tries!

They’re also keeping their homemade gelatos! So, whether you like yours stacked up in a cone or neatly set in a bowl it’s yours for the taking five days a week.

When it comes to drinks, you can let your desires run wild with a selection of boutique wines or a fascinating assortment of cocktails and OC Brewery craft beer. Whatever your taste there’s a refreshing beverage to compliment your meal at La Stalla. 

And if you, like myself, almost broke into a panic at the thought of an end to The Federal’s amazing brunches then you can rest easy. La Stalla will also be serving enjoyable farm-fresh brunch dishes for R75. So if you haven’t already, do try the Dutch Flapjacks, The Fed Brunch or The Fed Benedict.

You can’t ever really be too sure what you’ll get after the big reveal of a restaurant makeover but between Chefs Diack and Griffin at the very least you can expect crisp goodness and flavoursome servings of joy. 

Make your way there any day from Wednesday to Sunday between 07:00 and 22:00. La Stalla’s rendition of Italian soul food is something worth trying. 

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