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Eat your way through Joburg's Greenside by visiting these 8 awesome restaurants

Taking on Greenside one bite at a time...

by: Mamello Sejake | 24 Mar 2017
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(Image: Duke's Burgers Facebook)

The leafy Greenside strip has taken on multiple personalities over the years having once been the food Mecca of Joburg, to later morphing into pub central with happy hour specials trending like Beyonce’s pregnancy and now seemingly returning to its old self and offering foodies handfuls of edible gifts. Be it for a corporate Tuesday lunch, family time on a Thursday, Friday evening sundowners, Saturday festivities or a Sunday wind down – there’s always somewhere to be merry and entertain the politics of your hunger. 

Here’s a list of some of the best places to help you eat your way through Greenside’s stunning strip.

Dukes Burgers
If I’m right then this bad boy has had its doors open for close to a decade now and they’re still making some of the most delightful burgers in the 011! If you’ve never been then you need to look them up, call your friends and make a date ASAP, if you’ve been then tell me; have you managed to eat your way through an entire burger in a single seating yet? They make gargantuan burgers which you can enjoy with chicken, lamb, beef, ostrich or alternatively the vegetarian way alongside lip-smacking sweet potato wedges, slim potato chips or a salad.

State 5
This one will inspire a smile on coffee devotees' faces because here we have masters of craft coffee. In addition to the considerably large selection of coffees they stock you can also spoil your taste buds with a glass of cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is as refreshing as a cold beer without the alcohol, less acid, perhaps double the amount of caffeine than in your average cup of coffee and a little darker. And since they understand that sometimes a little alcohol is necessary they’ve got a coffee mixologist on board who can sort you out with a racy cold brew coffee cocktail. Oh and yes, they can also cure your tummy cravings with something delicious. 

Rim And Rubber
What was once a custom bike shop is now also a restaurant with a bold young chief armed with an edgy menu that’s turning heads. It’s an interesting combination with the Transformer like bikes, mounted on the walls, being held with the same high regards as the food. And from the outside looking it’s easy for it to pass as just another diner but step inside for a pleasant surprise of finely prepared food. Their scallops are the bee’s knees and look like a work of art! 

The Artisan
At its core The Artisan worships at the altar of all things handmade – it’s all about craftsmanship and it spills out delectably in everything that they make. They’re famous for their cocktails, burgers and tapas which is always a good idea for the meat eaters. And if, like myself, you’re a sucker for a mean sarmie and try out one of their sandwiches.  

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Momo Baohaus
If you’re looking for Asian food that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is the palate then look no further. The team in the kitchen at Momo Baohaus are dead set on composing unmatched dining experiences by preparing dishes that capture the vibrant Asian flavours while simultaneously allowing you to make it your own with customizable menus which all comes together like a beautiful symphony.  

Conscious 108
Further down the strip and away from the boisterous part of the foodie sanctuary you’ll find Conscious 108. It’s a plant based restaurant with kindness at the heart of its ethos. Yes, it’s a vegan restaurant but they’ve gone the extra mile to turn most lover’s favourites, like cottage pie and the legendary burger, into enjoyable vegan dishes. It’s a vegan sanctuary proving that you can cut out the animal products and still have just as much fun from breakfast right through to lunch and dinner.

Next to Conscious 108 you’ll find Trio Café. The beautiful café has a modest and succinct menu which, which is nothing short of appetizing, comprises of four sections; breakfast, salads, burgers and café foods. It’s owned and run by TV presenter-chef Amori Burger who has created a cosy space finished with wooden interiors that give it a nostalgic feel. 

The Shadow Boxer
The creators of The Good Luck Bar at 1 Fox, are the brilliant minds behind this stunner. It’s a bit of a bouncy mix of everything, which I must admit I enjoy in a restaurant, reaching from wings to burgers, pizzas and Asian cuisine with a twist. They too offer all three meals of the day so whenever you’re ready, take a leap and they’ll be ready to catch you with one of their sexy signature cocktails in hand. 


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