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10 of Joburg's top food trucks

These meals are going places!

30 Jan 2017
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(Image by Tutto Food Co.)

Remember when the closest thing you could get to street food was a dried out boerewors roll with a blob of yellow mustard? Kudos to the food trucks that brought about the revolution – here they are.

Tutto Food Co

You probably know them for their paella: after all, their giant pans of rice, studded with all kinds of goodies from mussels to wild mushrooms, are pretty hard to miss. Lucky for us, these food truck pioneers have also branched out to toasted sandwiches (with a twist, of course – no tired old cheese and tomato here).

The Bacon Beatuty: Maple Candied Bacon with Brie

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Balkan Burger

One of the very first food trucks to hit the scene, Balkan Burger has developed its own very loyal following and become something of a standard at the city’s events. It seems everyone’s keen for a little taste of the Mediterranean, especially when that taste comes in the form of a patty wrapped up inside a special roll to soak up all the juices, topped with tomato, cabbage, green salad and onion. If you’re wondering how that’s different from any other burger, give it taste – you’ll be instantly smitten.


Remember that TV ad, where Vuyo makes boerie rolls so good he retires with his own yacht? This food truck set out to prove that, sometimes, life imitates art. Vuyo’s pays homage to authentic local food, loved by the people of South Africa. Forget all about rainbow-coloured rolls and freekeh and remember how good potjie, chicken wings and boerie rolls actually taste.

VW stands for Vuyos Wors!

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The Filthy Moustache

If burgers and hot dogs are your thing, best you track these guys down. They’ve transformed US street food into a South African art, armed with nothing more than juicy patties, some jalapenos, caramelised onions and a whole lot of melted cheese.


Judging from the sudden proliferation of Mexican restaurants in Joburg suburbs, we’ve developed an insatiable appetite for jalapeno poppers and tacos. So it’s a good thing this food truck has come along for the ride, bringing a little bit of chilli and lime on the run. They also serve up some classic-style burgers. Find them on Facebook.

Maison Belge

Think of this food truck as a tiny slice of Belgium. Why travel there when you can get all the delicious goodies the country has to offer right here, from frites to waffles, chocolate and beer.

The Brohemian

Pizza on the run? Yes, please! This innovative food truck prides itself on offering authentic wood-fired pizzas. Another plus: ingredients are free range and organic where possible. Try their traditional pizzas from out timeless tastes like margarita, regina and tropica. Find them on Facebook.

Zombie Chefs

These guys have a decidedly more serious spin on street food. Take their chips, for instance: no ordinary slap chips, these. Choose between fries cooked in duck or pork belly fat to accompany your lamb burger.

Lovely evening in town @zombie_chefs #zombiechefs #onebiteandyouveturned

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Chilli Chef

Yes, there is chilli involved (obviously), sometimes in the form of a tasty bunny chow, sometimes spicing up a chicken tikka – but the Chilli Chef also brings you hearty lamb stews and burgers.

#chillichef #bookus for your #christmasparty

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Culture Kitchen

Bet you never thought you could have a tasting menu coming out of a food truck? Culture Kitchen shows that there’s really no end to the food fun you can have with a food truck, offering everything from Eggs Benedict to trendy pulled pork buns.

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- Lisa Witepski

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