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Why the Entertainer will change the way you eat out

Find out how this fun app can make your life easier and save you money at the same time!

by: Jenny Coulson | 29 Mar 2016

The surprising thing about the Entertainer is that it’s made me explore my city differently. I say “surprising,” because many people simply see the Entertainer as a way to save money – which, of course, it is. But when I bought the app for the first time over a year ago, I didn’t expect my eating habits to completely, utterly change.

It’s an award-winning app for a reason

Once I found out how the Entertainer worked, I needed no convincing to buy it. There are hundreds of top restaurants in my city included in the app? Multiple vouchers for every restaurant, which get me two meals for the price of one? I can use them any day, any time, except on public holidays when I’m hibernating in bed anyway? SIGN ME UP!

The app also has loads of special features: new restaurants are loaded throughout the year, you can take advantage of special monthly offers, you can “ping” vouchers to your friends… the list goes on.

Saving money is great. Trying new things is even better

Of course I love saving money – last year I saved over R14k with the Entertainer – but the amazing restaurants I’ve experienced by using the app are what I’ve truly come to love. Now when I want to eat out, I open it up and check out the offers around me. (Yup, it uses your location to make your life even easier). As a result, I’ve discovered some absolute gems from using Entertainer vouchers that I honestly would never have tried otherwise.

So, what are you waiting for? Food24 has partnered with the Entertainer to offer readers an exclusive 20% discount when you use the promo code: FOOD24. Purchase your Entertainer here and #LiveMore!


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