The Cape Town burger hunt

The best burgers in Cape Town to be revealed!

by: Jade Lawrence | 01 Feb 2016
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Everybody loves a good burger, a juicy patty, dripping with sauce and melted cheese held with both hands to ensure you get all the good bits into your mouth. It’s a comfort food enjoyed on a regular basis by many of us.

In every town there are great burgers and then there are bad burgers. I have recently taken it upon myself to become Food24’s burger monster, hunting for the most delicious burgers around. 

I’ll be tracking down the best of these delicious ‘buns’ of joy in Cape Town on this quest.

My aim is to eat as many burgers as I can in the month of February (thank goodness it’s a leap year) and then rate them out of ten. I will decide which burgers have hit the spot for me and this will be measured according to my personal taste criteria (this is not set in stone, I mean we all have different tastes).

I will then be posting my ratings (with a juicy picture) on Instagram and sharing the burger love.

Let’s just go over what it takes to rate a great quality burger:

Firstly the bun

-yes it’s just bread, nothing much there. Yet, this is one of the most important factors of a burger. The bun should definitely not be crumbly it should be light, soft and slightly toasted, but not too much!

The main man, the patty
- Please hear me out, an overcooked patty is just as good as putting a tyre onto a roll, and nobody deserves that.  A medium rare patty is what I call perfection, with slightly charred edges, dripping with burger juice at each bite.

Keep in mind that the ratio of patty to bun should be equivalent, each bite should contain both burger and bun.

The cheese

- I feel the cheese makes a burger, if your burger has no cheese then you’re definitely missing out (unless you’re lactose intolerant or allergic).


- This includes the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and all the goodies that come with each burger. Everything should be fresh, there should be no limp tomatoes, no dry old cucumbers and definitely no wilted lettuce!

The add-ons and/extras

- These include jalapenos, gherkins, relishes, sauces, mushrooms, avocado and some more cheese perhaps? These are a must for enhancing your burger and making your very own creation to fulfil your ultimate burger needs.

The Burger Hunt will commence on 1st February each burger will be rated according to criteria:
The patty
The bun
Ratio of burger to bun
Value for money
Extra’s and/add-ons

All of my burger ratings will be taking place on the Food24

Instagram feed. So follow @food24_sa on Instagram and join me on my burger journey. I’ll be rating burgers and naming restaurants so that you can also go and enjoy them. I’ll be using the #Food24BurgerHuntCT

To become a monster mascot yourself, check out our Instagram page food24_sa and tag us in your burger rating posts and also comments and recommendations are more than welcome!

Let the burger munching begin!

Disclaimer: All of the burger ratings are my own.

- Jade Lawrence

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