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SA's first coffee shop where everything on the menu is R10

This isn't a prank. We promise.

04 Oct 2016

Are you on a budget? (Ok - let's be real... we all are). Which is why we love the sound of a restaurant where everything on the menu is literally R10! No jokes.You can pick up any coffee of your choice, a Chelsea bun, Apple Danish, or even a chicken salad sandwich for only R10 each.

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XPRESSO Café in Durbanville, Cape Town is the first coffee shop franchise in South Africa to sell ALL of the items on its menu for only ten Randelas. That's less than what you would pay for an hour of parking in the Cape Town CBD!

We think it's genius but also - how?! How can a business survive by selling its wares for just R10 each? And then there's the question of quality! While we await comments from the newly opened establishment, take a look at some of the positive reviews on social media...

Click HERE to see the full menu.


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