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New Barcelona-tinged Summer fare and tapas at Bistro Sixteen82

Executive chef Kerry Kiplin, fresh from a trip to Barcelona, reignites tapas at Steenberg.

by: Ceili McGeever | 01 Nov 2016
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The tapas rage, thankfully, is here to stay, and there’s a new tapas experience to add high on your list. Bistro Sixteen82, has revived their after-work tapas menu which can be enjoyed between 5pm and 8pm. The idea is to offer a fresh summery menu fully inspired by chef Kerry Kiplin’s recent trip to Barcelona.

Kerry and her husband spent 4 days in Spain’s art and design capital, in which they ate at 13 different restaurants. Arriving with fresh eyes and empty stomachs they ate their way through the city, which included a visit to El Bulli off-shoot, Tickets.

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

Because Kerry hadn’t visited Barcelona before, she was able to experience the cuisine with an unbiased and totally clean palate which enabled her to pick up on details and flavour nuances which she has now incorporated into the menu at Bistro Sixteen82. You really get a taste of Kerry’s journey, which she has been combined with local produce and local meat variety.

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

Something Kerry took away with her, from her trip, was the simplicity that defines Spanish tapas, like the traditional Catalan bread, rubbed with ripe tomatoes and olive oil. It’s all about allowing the intense naturally occurring flavour, to shine through in a dish, and of course this goes hand-in-hand with choosing seasonal produce.

Tapas highlights include smoked pork and Manchego croquettes, fish pot stickers with celeriac Remoulade with coriander and lime dressing, as well as the beef tataki, which shows off Kerry’s personal appreciation for Asian cuisine.

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

On top of those the truffle honey-infused salmon nori and asparagus terrine are not to be missed. Kerry tried truffle honey in her travels and became instantly obsessed with it. She recreated a local version, of the rich earthy honey at Bistro.

Kerry was also inspired by a short trip to London, which followed the Barcelonan gastronomic excursion.  There she visited famers markets and talked-about eateries including Michelin starred restaurant The Berkley. Hint’s of the UK can also be found in the tapas offering, like the braised pork belly with apple cider jus, which is a substantial dish that could be enjoyed as a main.

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

The tapas at Bistro Sixteen82, is a total delight and a great way to enjoy the restaurant this summer. The dishes represent a variety of flavours, and cuisines that focus on seafood and meat, and delicate desserts – try the yoghurt panna cotta. For vegetarians, ask to see the dedicated vegetarian tapas menu, sure to be as delectable as the menu mentioned above.

bistro sixteen82,tapas,kerry kilpin,barcelona,stee

(Images courtesy of Bistro Sixteen82)

- Ceili McGeever

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