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Exciting and interesting food options at the Mojo Market in Sea Point

Dax highlights some of Mojo Market's finest food, of which there is a lot!

by: Dax Villanueva | 06 Jun 2017

The Mojo Market opened on Regent Road in Sea Point recently and it hasn’t taken long to become a firm favourite with those looking for a casual option for eating, drinking, socialising, shopping, enjoying live music and more.

The fact that it is open every day from 9am until 10pm plays a big part in its popularity. It’s appealing to be able to pop in at any time and grab a quick bite or spend a relaxed afternoon or evening with friends. But it’s not only the opening hours, there are a lot of reasons that the Mojo Market is worth a visit.

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The food is really the main attraction, as with any market. It’s great to be able to go as a group and each choose what you feel like eating then sit together and compare dishes. The Mojo Market has carefully curated the food stands to ensure they are not the standard stalls you would find at many other markets. Many of the food stands are not to be found at any other markets, although some of them are satellites of well-known restaurants.

For instance, IYO BURGERS is there with a pared down menu of their famous and popular burgers made with ethical meat. San Julian is also at the market. Their stand, Chilo, serves up their legendary tacos for you to enjoy at the market or take home with you. Mouille Point icon, Manga, is there with their sushi offering. Another restaurant with a presence that will make many people happy is Hokey Poke. Poke is latest food trend borrowed from Hawaii and representing the fresh Summer flavours of the island. Choose your base from rice, kale, leaves or gluten-free nachos then add a protein of your choice, select toppings and garnishes before adding a sauce and there you have your poke bowl.

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But many of the stands are not connected to restaurants and you need to treat your taste buds as soon as possible. For starters, grab some oysters from The Mussel Monger or some bitterballen from the German Wurst stand. Another option to get your mouth warmed up is the freshly steamed dim sum from Tai’s Chinese Kitchen. Let’s not forget about the Cuban tapas at El Greeyo.

When you’re ready for mains, check out these interesting options:

If you’re a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches then you need to visit Raclette for grilled cheese sandwiches made with Klein River Gruberg & Schärdinger Raclette, onions and leeks, melted between slices of rustic sourdough rye.

We don’t often see places that just do chicken wings, but that’s exactly what Vlerke does. Choose your flavour and tuck in. Be sure to take extra serviettes because this is going to get messy!

Get your pizza fix at Earthfire Pizza. If you really enjoy your pizza, you can buy one of their conveniently-sized ceramic ovens and make your own pizzas at home!

Our compadres in South America share our love for cooking our meat over fire. Argies serves up ‘asado’ plus other South American favourites like empanadas, quesadillas and chorizo.

Chef Phil and Kubu serve traditional South African cuisine. Now that might not appeal to all the locals, but there are a lot of tourists in Sea Point and they will be very excited about this option.

Now let’s talk about dessert…
You’ll find some sweet options dotted around the market, but one of the anchor tenants is the Baskin Robbins ice cream stand at the corner entrance. I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about so I thought I would give it a try and now I understand.
In fact, I have to warn you that the pralines and cream flavour is ridiculously addictive so I recommend you avoid it!

We’re just scratching the surface of food options available at the Mojo Market, so find a gap in your diary, grab some friends and get down there!

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