Blitzbokke captain Kyle Brown shares favourite Cape Town foodie hotspots

Find out where Kyle Brown likes to hang out in the Mother City.

07 Dec 2015

It's Summer in Cape Town and that spells busy roads, crowded beaches, tourist-packed shopping malls and the dreaded South Easter. For the first time ever, it also spells HSBC Cape Town 7s!

This weekend the Mother City and the Blizbokke will host the popular 7s tournament - could you ask for a more epic location?! The city will be flooded with locals and foreign visitors so it's sure to be a full-on festive atmosphere.

We chatted to SA 7s captain, Kyle Brown, who told us about his top spots to eat and drink and his penchant for good coffee (a man after own heart!).

Have a look...

1. It’s Summer, so we want to know what craft beer you’re drinking at the moment to cool off from the heat?

So I hate to disappoint right off the bat, but I'm not a beer drinker. Although I have it on good authority that the CBC Amber Weiss is tops.

2. Where do you head for the best burger in town?

I've had a good couple burgers in my day and some notable mentions must go to IYO Burger, Hudsons and Manna Epicure, but strangely enough I had my most memorable burger at Starlings Café on a random Wednesday afternoon.
3. We heard you love your coffee. So if you’re not brewing up a cup at home (we’re impressed to know you have an aeropress), where do you go for a good coffee in Cape Town?

I really do love coffee, a lot! I am in love with the variations of flavours and brewing methods. Again, this has winners on different levels. Origin wins on love and education, Rosetta at Woodstock Exchange has a great hipster vibe, Espresso Lab takes the science of coffee to the next level and Deluxe for the full experience of the coffee culture!

                                                (Kyle's aeropress set-up for tour with Deluxe Ethiopian Sidamo)

4. You’re away from your gorgeous wife, Tarryn quite a lot. Where do you enjoy taking her for date nights when you’re home?

We really like to go to Tasha's for the home cooked type meal, we have our favourites there. Our number one for a special occasion is Oppie Dorp in Stellenbosch, I feel like saying anything there is incredible!
5. Favourite pizza place?

I haven't really gone too flash on this choice, more for consistency. It would have to be Col'Cacchio's. Regina with extra salami!
6. Top spot to enjoy a few drinks with mates?

I suppose because I don't really do many drinks nights I should keep it a sentimental vote. I always enjoy Forries!

7. Where do you go for a kick-ass steak?

Hussar Grill is always awesome!
8. And lastly, what’s your favourite restaurant/bar in Cape Town with a sea view?

Had to get the wife's opinion on this one and she reckons Harbour House is awesome.

We wish the BlitzBokke all the best for this weekend's 7s tournament in Cape Town.

Follow them on Twitter @blitzbokke to keep up-to-date on all the action! You can also follow Kyle @KyleBrown.


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