10 top lunch spots in Cape Town CBD

Weekday lunch spots that won't leave you wanting.

26 Oct 2015
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That hour lunch break is precious, and I always find myself wracking my brains where to eat in the CBD. Whether it’s a sit down lunch or a take-away, it needs to be quick and your chosen meal also needs to be satisfying, since you’ve walked those 5 or 10 minutes to get something really good. No one enjoys picking up lunch only to sit back down at work to a mediocre salad that cost you close to R70. That’s enough to turn you right off a place for good.

So because of this, we have compiled a list of consistently satisfying lunch spots for the CBD nine to fivers. We hope you enjoy these eateries as much as we have.

Watch this video round up of our favourite CBD lunch eateries:


lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

I recently stumbled upon this eatery. I’d seen it before but never felt a pull to step inside, but after my last two meals there I realised I had been completely missing out. On my first visit I had a take-away soup, a really substantial meatball and tomato soup with fresh bread that took me back for another the following day. Something they are getting right is how to package a takeaway, which they do in brown paper bags and durable containers.

Dishes are added to the menu daily, with haddock risotto the one day and vegetarian curry the next, so follow them on Facebook for daily updates.

Max Bagels

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

Who doesn’t like a bagel at lunch to hit the spot? This place will leave you craving them, a little hole in the wall that serves bagels on order. The bagel fillings are generous with an obvious high standard of quality, that comes from the two owners being very experienced in the food game.

You’ve got your classic smoked trout and cream cheese, as well as pastrami with sauerkraut, and there are a few  more original ones like the leek, fennel and cream cheese bagel. They are often adding ones like this to the board so follow them on Instagram.  An aside: there is selection of seeded bagels and also a really good spelt bagel.


lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

At the top of Bree Street, this lovely Mediterranean and Middle Eastern-inspired deli serves an extensive buffet for the health conscious lunch-goer. The food offers a range of dishes that coincide with the idea of a balanced diet. You’ll find a variety of Greek, Turkish and Israeli dishes including Sababa’s signature falafels that really are the best in town. Their take-away option, The Lunchbox, is perfect for a nip out of the office  - you choose your preferred size and selection of salads. This can also be had as a sit in meal – the outside area situates you right on a sunny Bree Street.

Bread, Milk & Honey

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

Bread, Milk &Honey takes you back to a time of mother’s comfort food.  Lunch is served on a large buffet table where you help yourself and pay by weight (R13 per 100g). This is often the most ideal way of eating as you can dish as much or as little as you want, and still go back for more.

The food boasts sincerity and a clear no fuss method of preparation. The lunch dishes are changing on a daily basis so if you don’t want to miss that Sheppard’s pie, keep up to date with their Twitter account.


lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

A brand new addition to Loop street that has already captured the attention of the city slickers. How could it not with home style Italian food and a pristine white luxurious setting. The decor and finishes really transport you away from the clutter and vibrancy of the city.

Giulio’s has a lunch table where a selection of salads and warm dishes are served. You can choose between three or five salads and the bake of the day. This can all be made as a take-away, or grab an on-the-go type Panini.  
Also their basic pomodoro penne is the real deal.

The General  Store

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

This is a place that realises convenience is the most important aspect of lunch for the office worker.  Of course food should never be compromised even if time is of the essence. This is why this new little spot is thriving. Serving exceptionally fresh and colourful salads for take-away or sit in, they offer a healthy and  satisfying array of food. Match your salads with a meat option in a matter of minutes or grab a ready-to-go filled roll.

The menu changes daily and Silwood trained chef Colette Robert really shows off her skill of exotic flavouring, combined with a homely way of preparing food.

Yours Truly

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

Brand new and surprisingly needed in this burgeoning Loop street area. Yours Truly has set up its new baby on the corner of Loop and Hout street, epitomising the ideal corner café. This is the third Yours Truly, founded and owned by Daniel Holland. This café stays true to the Yours Truly nature of uncomplicated food and welcoming staff. Choose from their ready prepared deli-style sandwiches or salads prepared on order.

This is an ideal place for Friday lunch when you aren’t pressed to head back to the office, and can rather get stuck into a couple craft beers on tap.

Ou Meul Bakkery

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

This place is all about the baking, hence the name, and specifically pies. Pies and other pastries fly out of the kitchen numerous times a day keeping the display counter stacked. There are venison pies, steak pies, spinach and feta pies and a famous babotie pie. The smell of freshly baked goods and the modern farm-style decor gives the place a comfortable and inviting feel. The unpretentious nature of the place keeps a constant flow of work people from different industries.

61 + ate

lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

A new lunch spot, situated next to Yours Truly on Loop street, exudes a relaxed environment that takes you far away from the street outside. The bonus here is that they serve all day breakfast with  the harvest table added to the lunch menu at 12pm at R55 a plate.

The café is owned by Debbie Bolton and Leo Louw, two young women who worked together at The Taproom in Woodstock and found themselves with the opportunity of opening their own eatery on Loop. Their food consists of simple dishes suited to the Capetonian lunch-goer.


lunch spots,cape town,cbd,lunch,cafe,restaurant,co

Birds has been soaring on Bree Street for over a decade now. The large farm house type space is run by two chefs, Leigh and Kevin who present a unique South African gourmet flair to their dishes. There are daily specials like the new Umami glazed beef burger and the menu is currently undergoing a full revamp, so keep an eye out on Food24 for these details.

- Ceili McGeever

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