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6 Awesome authentic African restaurants in Cape Town to visit this Heritage Day

What better way is there to celebrate Heritage Day than with food?

by: Pumelela Ntsezo | 13 Sep 2017

Heritage Day is one of the South African holidays that everyone loves. We get to celebrate our diverse cultures and show off who we are and where we come from. This is done a lot through the food that people make and have on the day. From delicious fish curries, Umngqusho (samp and beans), morogo (wild/african spinach) and a firm favourite; malva pudding.

Some people however, do not feel up to cooking and/or braaing on the day so they visit restaurants and have their Heritage Day lunch there.

We've rounded up 6 of our favourite African restaurants in Cape Town that you can visit on Heritage day. 

Marco's African place 
Marco's African Place is a 280 seater Restaurant and bar in the Bo Kaap area of Cape Town. Since opening it has proved to be a popular venue for both local and international patrons, whose patronage follows the exquisite African Cuisine and African Music. The menu boasts pan seared duck, tripe, some game and a number of sides such as butternut and creamed spinach. 

GOLD restaurant 
GOLD Restaurant will take you on a taste safari from Cape Malay to African cuisine – from Cape Town to Timbuktu with its set 14 course menu served at your table. Start your evening with an interactive Djembe drumming session which will get you in tune with our African rhythms and songs for the rest of the night. 30 minutes of vibrant playing of the drums will ensure an energized start to your evening. A soothing hand washing ceremony will complete your interactive drumming experience.

Africa Cafe 
The Africa Cafe serves an experience which appeals to tastes from Moscow to Rio.
The entertainment value of this experience lies in the beauty of not only their food, but their decor and people and hospitality.

Mama Africa 
Mama was established in 1995 as a celebration of South Africa's new democracy and of the vibrant diversity and hospitality of our continent.
Since her opening Mama has served as an oasis for tourists and locals alike to meet, eat, drink and interact in a warm welcoming environment. Their kitchen offers hearty meals, their bar a friendly meeting spot and the band offers local sound which is sure to generate a true feeling of well being and joy.

Noble on Long 
Nestled on the iconic Long Street, Noble on Long is an authentically Afropolitan restaurant that prides itself in creating and offering multi-cultured dishes. When visiting Noble Restaurant & Bar expect to be greeted by a warm home away from home ambience. Read our review HERE.


Moyo in Kirstenbosch 
Moyo is a unique destination for a sophisticated African experience. Inspired by the traditions and values of African ancestors, Moyo is a celebration of, and commitment to, the beauty of Africa and the industry of her people. Their famously warm and modern African ambience makes the Moyo experience an unforgettable one. 


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