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Peanut butter Oreo truffle ghosts

Ingredients 5
Servings 10
Time 30


  • 1
    box oreo cookies
  • ¼
    cream cheese
  • ¼
    smooth peanut butter - unsweetened
  • 200
    baking chocolate
  • 20
    spooky eyes



Line a baking sheet with baking paper. 

In a food processor, blend the oreos, cream cheese and peanut butter until combined but not smooth. Using a teaspoon, roll the mix into balls and pinch the top to form a mound. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.

Place the baking chocolate into a bowl set over a pot of barely simmering water (Don’t allow any water into the bowl or the chocolate will harden and seize). Allow to melt completely then take off the heat to cool slightly.

Remove the tray of Oreo Truffle mounds from the fridge. Pick one up, holding the top between your fingertips and dip the bottom into the melted chocolate.

Place on baking-paper lined tray and use a spoon to cover the top of the truffle mound completely with chocolate, only spooning enough to cover all around. Allow for the excess to pool around the bottom as this is part of the look. 

Allow the chocolate coating to set a little before adding two eyes for each ghost.  Repeat for remaining rounds making sure to leave enough room between each ghost for the chocolate to pool.

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