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Oreo eyeballs

Ingredients 5
Servings 32
Time 15


  • 1
    packet Oreos
  • Royal icing:
  • 1
    egg white - beaten
  • 1
    icing sugar - sifted
  • Red, blue, green food colouring



Twist the oreo biscuits and scrape off the cream filling. 

To make the royal icing, whisk the egg white gently then add the icing sugar until a stiff paste forms. Divide the royal icing into 3 separate bowls, colour one bowl in green, another in blue and keep one white. Place each colour in separate piping bags.

Cut the tip of the piping bag off. Using the white royal icing, pipe large circles on top of the biscuit to form the whites of the eyes.

Then, pipe a medium-sized circle using either the blue or green icing on top of the oreo cream to form the eye. Fill it in and allow for it to dry before using the black icing to form a smaller sized circle to form the pupil.

Using a thin paintbrush, brush red veins onto the frosting. 

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