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Low carb salad jars

Recipe from: 29 March 2016
recipe, salad, low carb, light meals,side dishes

Ingredients 8
Servings 2
Time 00:10


  • 200
  • 2
    frozen peas
  • 1
    mint sprig (optional)
  • 1
    lettuce head, roughly chopped
  • 2-3
    carrots, peeled and grated
  • 1-2
    cheese (As you like it)
  • 1
    mayonnaise (LCHF mayonnaise if you follow LCHF, Banting or Paleo diets)
  • 1
    sachet Stevia sweetener (or 1 TBS Xylitol)



Start of by frying your bacon until crispy and well done, Chop up and set aside.

Give the peas a quick cook (2-3 min) together with the fresh mint sprig and strain well, allowing to cool down completely.

Use 4 x 500 ml glass jars or 1 salad bowl.

Place the lettuce at the bottom and layer with carrots. Next add your peas and then the bacon and cheese.

Lastly mix your mayonnaise and sweetener in a separate bowl and spoon over the mixture.

Top off with some chopped fresh spring onions.

Leave to rest for a few hours before serving.

Recipe reprinted with permission of Daily Dose of Fresh. To see more recipes, please click here.

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