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Five oh so sweet recipes your little ones will love

Looking for something cool to make for your child’s school market day or birthday party?Let these recipes inspire you.

29 Mar 2019
Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)

Pink coconut ice squares topped with silver powder

This recipe is easy and you can use any colour.

Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)

Coffee and cremora tart topped with orange slices

The flavour of this magic bean gives these sweet treats a delicious kick.

Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)

Waffles on a stick dipped in melted chocolate sauce  

These waffles can be dipped in chocolate, decorated with rainbow sweets or served with brightly colored ice cream.

Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)

Doughnut biscuits topped with delicious royal icing

This dough can be pressed, rolled or cut into any form and decorated any way you like, so get creative – and get the kids to lend a hand.

Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)

Yummy melted marshmallow sandwich biscuits

You can also decorate the biscuits with melted chocolate or royal icing.

Sweet treats (PHOTO: Drum)



Carrot cake flapjacks

2019-04-05 15:48
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