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Ham terrine

by: Shané Barnard | 06 Dec 2016

Serve thin slices of this delicious ham terrine with melba toast, pickles, chutney and salsa - it makes a great starter for a festive feast.

Enough for 3 loaf pans (14 x 7cm)

Preparation time: 25 minutes

Cooking time: 1½ hours

• 750g pork mince

• 250g fresh pork bangers, skinned

• 100g streaky bacon, chopped

• 1 Granny Smith apple, grated

• 5ml whole green peppercorns

• about 10ml sea salt flakes

• 3 sprigs thyme, leaves stripped

• 60ml flat-leaf parsley, chopped

• 30ml wholegrain mustard

• a pinch of nutmeg

• 1 egg white

• about 250g rectangular ham, thinly sliced

• 3 thin 14cm cheese grillers, skinned

• 2 leeks, white parts chopped and fried

• 15ml toasted pine nuts

How to:

1. Preheat the oven to 180ÆC. Mix the mince, bangers, bacon, apple, pepper, salt, thyme, parsley, mustard, nutmeg and egg white.

2. Grease three loaf pans and line them with the ham, allowing the ends of the ham to hang over the sides so they can be folded over the filling later. Fill the 3 pans halfway with the mince mixture, pressing it down firmly.

3. Place 1 or 2 slices of ham flat on a chopping board (the same length as the loaf pan) and add a spoonful of leeks and a few pine nuts on top, followed by a cheese griller. Roll the sausage tightly in the slice of ham and place it in the middle of one of the terrines. Repeat with the other two pans.

4. Spoon the rest of the mince mixture on top of the sausages in the three pans so that the mixture bulges slightly – the meat will shrink as it cooks. Fold the excess ham over the top and cover tightly with foil.

5. Place the terrines in an ovenproof dish and pour hot water into the dish halfway up the sides of the terrines. Bake for 1½ hours. Remove from the oven, drain the water and place a weight (such as a chopping board with tinned food) on top to compact them. Leave like this to cool down then remove the foil and turn out carefully – there may be liquid in the pan, so watch out for it spilling.

- Homemag



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