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We tried the new Instant Pot – and loved it!

by: Kim Arendse en Johané Neilson | 28 Sep 2018

The Instant Pot is the world’s bestselling multi-cooker that combines seven kitchen appliances in one: it’s a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté pan, food warmer, and yoghurt maker in one appliance. It saves time and space in your kitchen, locks in more nutrients and cuts down on energy costs.1 Cooks rice perfectly. Every time!

7 Reasons we love the Instant Pot

1 Cooks rice perfectly. Every time!

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the ones that we struggle to perfect and now the Instant Pot’s fully automatic rice programme (just one among many!) adjusts the cooking time according to the rice quantity.

2 It’s ready when you are

The Instant Pot comes with an Auto Keep Warm mode that keeps food, once cooked, at the perfect temperature until you are ready to eat! Neat huh?

3 Farewell, messy kitchen!

Forget using all your casserole dishes, sauté pans and pots. You can feel like Martha Stewart with just the Instant Pot and effortlessly whip up wholesome dishes – from yoghurt to roasts, stews and desserts in under an hour!

4 So versatile you can cook almost anything

You can take it with you when you’re on holiday – even camping – to make delicious and nutritious home-cooked meals.

5 Your cheesecake will bake so gently it will never crack again. Ever.

Download the free Instant Pot recipe app and have hundreds of recipes, reviews and tips for cheesecakes (and more…) at the ready so you can get cooking in your new Instant pot. We tried it!

6 It’s so smart!

With the pre-programmed settings it is as if the machine thinks for itself – it’s like having a constant right-hand helper in the kitchen that can sauté, sear, steam, pressure and slow-cook. Best of all, it uses built-in sensors and even remembers and adapts to the way you cook!

7 Super easy to clean and dishwasher safe

There is no harmful chemical coating that can scratch or peel; all components in contact with food are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel and the lid holder is designed for right- and left-hand users.

What's in the box?

 6L stainless-steel inner pot

Stainless-steel steam rack with handles

Rice paddle

Soup spoon

Measuring cup

Condensation collector

4th edition Instant Pot recipe booklet

Detachable power cord

Instant Pot is available from R1,999 at Yuppiechef, in @Home stores and online.

Join the Instant Pot Facebook community for tips, inspiration and recipe advice!

We tried it!

The recipe for our cheesecake.  



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