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Your weekend feast - 7 October 2016

Frozen cheesecake popsicles, soy roast chicken, pasta, gourmet corn on the cob plus more deliciousness!

07 Oct 2016

Slip into the weekend feeling and get excited for some fantastic, belly-filling fare! The menu this week is veggie-heavy and you're going to fall in love with some of the recipes we've got.

To start - the ultimate basil pesto pasta. We don't know a family that doesn't ooh and aah over this simple but tasty Italian meal. This one is jazzed up with cherry tomatoes and a crunchy, nutty savoury granola.

Who can say no to a fresh Spring tart made of courgettes, leek and chard? This would make a sophisticated Saturday lunch - paired with a dressed salad and a chilled bottle of Chardonnay.

Something decadent? Look no further than these chocolate fudge nut pieces. Yes - we know. Swoooon!

Ok - time to tuck into a bit of meat. Care for a roast chicken? Try this version with soy and plums - giving it a salty sweet kick that's moreish and delicious.

A one-pan delight comes in the form of mustard and paprika pork steaks. Great with a creamy starch or cauliflower mash as a low carb substitute. WATCH how to make it below..

For those that like to push the boat out, give your mielies a gourmet twist by wrapping them in bacon and serving with curry butter.

Lastly - a treat that's low carb and just plain beautiful... berry cheesecake frozen yoghurt popsicles!

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