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Your weekend feast - 28 October 2016

27 Oct 2016

It's Friday and we are thrilled that the weekend is here. So should you because there are some serious delicious things on the menu this week like...

Corn and pumpkin fritters with a fresh salsa. These are great as a starter, a light meal on its own or even breakfast!

If the biscuit tin is empty and needs re-stocking, make these orange, poppy seed and almond rusks. The best part? They're completely sugar and grain-free. Boom!

For a light and vibrant dish, how about a simple chicken and couscous salad?

Or go full tilt with a roast pork smothered in a sweet and sticky pomegranate glaze.

Seafood lovers, We've got just the thing! Smoked angelfish and caramelised tomato tart. Perfect with a side salad.

Can we interest you in dessert? Check out this insane... wait for it... chocolate meringue pie. Heaven!

If you are after something more savoury - do try this blue cheese cheesecake wrapped in crispy phyllo pastry and finished with a blueberry and port compote.

Are you licking your lips yet?

Finally - if you're looking for Halloween ideas for Monday, how about trying these scary severed finger cookies! WATCH how to make them below..

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