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Your weekend feast: 28 July 2017

Make the start to your Pay Day weekend a tasty one!

by: Uhuru Plaatjies | 28 Jul 2017
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Once again it's time for the weekend and time to treat yourself! It’s been a long month but the end is near so why not end your July on a good, tasty note?

This week we’re thinking something soupy, something sweet too...

Are you hungry or is it just me? Let's start our Saturday with some lovely spicy baked eggs. Made with mince, chillies, tomato and loads of cheese!

This Ukrainian garlic bread makes for a great snack. The tray makes 8 and you'll baste it in garlic oil for a final touch. We're getting hungry just looking at them and you should too.

prawns,muffins,breakfast,weekend,winter,weekend fe

If we haven't convinced you to have some of our favourites yet... how about some fillet of beef whiskey stroganoff? Your supper will never be the same. 

This prawn and coconut cream curry up next is the answer to all your seafood needs. This is great for a cold Winter night, ensuring you warm up instantly. Surely, you're getting hungry now?

prawns,muffins,breakfast,weekend,winter,weekend fe

This pumpkin, sweet potato and pear bake makes a delicious side dish!

prawns,muffins,breakfast,weekend,winter,weekend fe

It's treat time! How are you feeling about these date, carrot and apple muffins? Topped with a honey, vanilla and orange cream, these are sure to satisfy your taste buds. If you're not into this for tea-time, then have them as a dessert!

prawns,muffins,breakfast,weekend,winter,weekend fe

If that wasn't enough for you, here are some mind-blowing cookies! Double chocolate Milo cookies are my personal favourite, and I'm sure they'll be yours too if you tried them out! Come on, try them with me. They'll make your weekend much more bearable.

prawns,muffins,breakfast,weekend,winter,weekend fe

Click here for last week's menu. 


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