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Your weekend feast 25 January 2019

Whether you feel like baking luxurious Milo-glazed doughnuts or snacking on low carb coconut and Parmesan crumbed mushrooms, this weekend feast is filled decadent recipes for all!

25 Jan 2019
weekend feast

(image: Unsplash)

JanuWorry is almost over and that means spoiling our friends, family and ourselves a little bit. These flavour-packed recipes include all your favourite things from Milo to chakalaka. 

Dig in!

Milo-glazed chocolate doughnuts with cereal topping

Fancy a doughnut for breakfast? After all it's topped with crunchy cereal. Go on, we won’t tell!

Milo glazed doughnuts

Coconut and Parmesan crumbed mushrooms 

Tired of chip and dip? Liven up your weekend snacking with these cheese crumbed mushrooms. Banting-friendly to boot!

coconut and parmesan crumbed mushrooms

Sticky chicken with chakalaka pap

Hosting dinner at your place this weekend? Serve up traditional chakalaka and pap with finger licking sticky chicken.

sticky chicken and chakalaka pap

Asian steak salad

The sweet and salty soy dressing is the star in this colourful salad showstopper

Asian steak salad

Caramel popcorn ice cream sundae

Why leave the house for sundaes when you can just make your own? 

caramel popcorn sunday

Berry-berry quite contrary cocktail

What is a weekend without a fabulous cocktail? Try this great boozy berry drink that your friends will love!

berry cocktail

Hungry for more? Try our other weekend feast menus!

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