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Your weekend feast: 22 March 2019

Enjoy warm salad wedges, Rolo millionaire brownies, fruit sangrias and much more!

22 Mar 2019
Your weekend feast: 22 March 2019

(image: Unsplash/ Ivan Timov)

Whether you're away for a long weekend or simply enjoying downtime, these amazing recipes are great for indulging and entertaining. With chicken biryani being a wonderful speedy dish you can prepare for dinner while sipping on fruity cocktails this weekend feast gives you every reason to be in the kitchen this weekend.

Vegan banana bread millet porridge

Nourish your body with this vegan banana bread millet porridge.


Wake up in the chilly mornings to a warming bowl of creamy millet porridge that's been injected with the comforting flavours of banana bread. (Millet is a healthy gluten-free grain and super...

Ultimate easy BLT sandwich  

If you’re in a mood for bacon and eggs then this ultimate easy BLT sandwich is just for you.

Ultimate BLT sandwich

Warm wedge with creamy paprika dressing

Serve as a warm and delicate light lunch or glamorous low carb side dish.

warm wedges with creamy paprika sauce

Chicken biryani 

This crowd-pleasing chicken biryani can be prepared in just 25 minutes.

Chicken biryani

Rolo millionaire shortbread 

From its buttery shortbread base to moist chocolate brownie topping, these Rolo millionaire brownies are nothing short of decadence.

Rolo millionaire brownies

Fruity Sangria

Jazz things up with this thirst quenching recipe for fruity Sangrias great for making ahead of time.

Fruit Sangria

Hungry for more? Try our other weekend feast menus!

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